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Biff Loman Timeline

No description

Rachel Sumners

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Biff Loman Timeline

Later Childhood
- Biff's uncle Ben visits and tells the family that "When I walked into the jungle, I was seventeen. When I walked out I was twenty-one. And, by god, I was rich!" This story teaches Biff and Happy that you can get rich quickly, instead of working hard for a living.
- Biff becomes a popular football star in high school and believes that his future is promised because he is well-liked.
- He receives a scholarship to the University of Virginia
-Biff steals a football from school, but instead of being scolded his father praises him for his fearlessness and initiative.
- Willy convinces Bernard to help Biff in math by giving him the answers, but Biff has no interest in studying or putting any effort in to school. Biff and Willy believe that because of Biff's scholarship he is invincible and cant be flunked.
- In 1933 Biff flunks math and is not able to graduate. He is willing to go through summer school to pass, but he decides to travel to Boston to convince his father to get his math teacher to raise his grade.
- Biff is born in 1915 to Willy and Linda Loman.
- Happy, Biff's younger brother, is born in 1917.
- When Biff is 7 they move into a new house where Biff meets his childhood friend, Bernard. Bernard is an extremely bright boy who works hard in school. Bernard is so bright Willy assumes he is a nerd and that since his boys are well liked they will be more successful. This idea is forever instilled in the whole family's dynamic.
Early Adulthood
- Biff travels to Boston and discovers that his father is cheating on his mother. This discovery destroys Biffs image of his father and causes him to breakdown and give up on his dreams.
- When Biff returns home he burns the shoes that have "University of Virginia" written on them and gets in a physical fight with Bernard in the basement.
- Biff loses his scholarship, but his father is determined that Biff will still do great things.
- Biff has many different jobs after the war. One of his odd jobs was working for Bill Oliver, where he thinks that he is well-liked. Biff steals some basketballs but then fears that Bill found out it was him, causing him to quit.
- In 1949 Biff thinks he isnt making enough money so he decides to quit his job and come back home.
- Biff has a strained relationship with his father because of the incident in Boston. Biff is the only one who knows about the incident.
- Biff finds out his father often talks to himself, but a lot of the comments made are towards Biff.
- Biff develops a plan to start a cattle farm, with Happy, back in the West. They are both over joyed to make plans for the future.
- Biff finds out his father has been trying to kill himself, then Biffs mother (Linda) begs him to get a good job to help his father.
- Biff decides to go to Oliver and ask for money so he and Happy can create their own sports business. Willy is extremely happy with the idea and fully supports the boys.
- Biff waits for hours to meet with Oliver, to only find out that Oliver doesn't remember him. Biffs anger causes him to steal one of Olivers pens. When he steals the pen he realizes that he's been living a fantasy life and his life has been unsuccessful.
- Biff meets his father and Happy at a restaurant to discuss the meeting. His father belittles him and tells him everything will be okay. Willy goes in to another flashback at the restaurant and Biff begs Happy to help their father.
- Biff and Happy leave their father at the restaurant and when they return home Linda scolds Biff and tells him to never return.
- Biff attempts to say goodbye to his father, which quickly turns in to a fight. Biff expresses his feelings about his fathers unrealistic expectations and apologizes for his faults, but Willy refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. Biff reveals that he has stolen from all of his employers and even served jail time, then explains to Willy that he was forced to be who his father wanted.
- Willy commits suicide that evening by crashing his car.
- At Willy's funeral Biff realizes that his happiness is more important than any amount of money in the world. He swears to himself that he will never end up like his father.

Late Adulthood
- In 1950 Biff moves back to Texas to raise cattle.
- He saves money and purchases a house of his very own and has a family.
- Every spring he visits his mother with his family.
- He never makes it big or gets rich, but he learns to be happy and what its like to make an honest living.
Biff Loman Timeline
By: Rachel Sumners, Missy Feavel & Isaah Parra
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