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Black Lives Matter

No description

shalont dixon

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Black Lives Matter

What is Black lives matter?
was created in 2012 because of Trayvon Martin murder.
International activist movement
Non-Violent movement
DeRay McKesson - Known voice
Patrisse Cullors - Co-Founder of Black lives matter
Brain Banks -Speaker
Baton Rough Alton Sterling protest/riot
Trayvon Martin Trial Protest
Michael Brown Protest
How does society help
Giving donations to family victims
more supporters
listen without being defensive
Record police encounters
Help good police officers speak up
The oppressor
Racist white people
not confirmed but police officers
racist political movements
How are they oppressed
no justification with the murders of black victims
being harassed by racist white people
by other racist movements
Black Lives Matter
Work Cited
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