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GREEK Culture and Mythology - Saige, Jacob M, Julie

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Jacob McGovern

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of GREEK Culture and Mythology - Saige, Jacob M, Julie

Jacob McGovern; Saige Lowe;
Julie Nester
There are many amazing features of greek architecture. First, there are three types of greek columns. The Corinthian, Doric and Ionic. Also, religion heavily effected architecture! Last, since religion was very big in architecture, this made it possible for the Parthenon, and other temples to be constructed.
Some famous Greek philosophers were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Socrates was first, and Plato was a student at his school. When Socrates dies, Plato takes over his school. Aristotle comes to study at Plato's school and eventually starts his own. There were three famous types of philosophies, the Stoics, the Skeptics, and the Epicureans until people converted to Christianity in 300 A.D.
In ancient Greece, dialects were used in different regions. A dialect was a different type of the same language (Greek). The 3 main dialects were Ionic, Doric, and Aeolic. Later, Alexander the Great created one main dialect for his army that eventually spread to the rest of Greece called Koine.
The Greeks thought of music as a
way to honor the gods & making the world a more civilized place. The instruments they played included pipes, lyres, drums, and cymbals, even though no one knows what any of the music played sounds like. Pipes and drums were played loudly for the god of wine and parties, Dionysos.
Jacob McGovern; Saige Lowe;
Julie Nester
Zeus is the god of the sky and the king of all gods. His symbol is an eagle. Some myths he is a part of are "Zeus and the Greedy Ant" and "Zeus and the Bees". His wife was Hera, his sister. He was the brother of Poseidon and Hades, and he was the father of Ares and Athena.
Ares was the god of war. His symbol was a bloody spear and a wild boar. Some myths he was a part of were "The Birth of Ares" and "Ares & Herakles". He was the son of Hera and Zeus and
the brother of Athena.
Apollo was the god of music, archery, prophecy, and healing. His symbols are the lyre and the laurel wreath. Some myths he was a part of were "Apollo's Wedding Proposal" and "Apollo and Hyacinth". He was the son of Zeus and Hera and his sister was Artemis.
Ancient Greece had a lot of very interesting and important history. The very first Olympic Games was held 776 B.C. Many wars occurred in ancient Greece, two were the Persian war and the Peloponesion war. Some historians from ancient Greece's history were Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, Demosthenes, Plato, and Aristotle. The end of the ancient Greece time period was said to be around 323 B.C. That was some information about ancient Greece's history.
Literature was very important in Greece. The Mycenaens are said to be the earliest evidence of Greek literature, it was written on clay tablets. Homer was a very famous writer. He wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Iliad was based off of the Trojan war. The Odyssey was a mixture of a comedy and a tragedy. That was some information about Ancient Greece's literature.
Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. Her symbol is the dove. She was apart of the following myths, "Aphrodite and the Adonis", "Aphrodite and Anchises", "Aphrodite and the Weasel", and "Aphrodite, Paris, and the golden apple". She is related to Adonis.
Artemis is the goddess of the moon, the hunt, and young maidens. Her symbol is the deer. She was apart of the following myth, "Artemis and Actaeon, Artemis, Apollo and the tears of Niobe Goddess Artemis the protector of animals." She is Apollo's sister.
Athena is the goddess of wisdom, war, and useful. Her symbol is an owl. She was in the following myths, "Heracles and Athena", and "Tireslas and the naked Athena." Athena is Zeus's daughter.
Demeter, or mother nature called by some, is the goddess of the earth. Her sign is a sickle. She is in many myths such as; Demeter at Eleusis and Demeter and Poseidon. She is related to Zeus, Poseidon and more!
Greek theater was very popular. Many crowds would consist of 15,000 people. The earliest Greek theater was around the stone age, the fifth century B.C. A very famous play writer was Sophocles. He wrote over one hundred plays, one being the Oedipus Rex. The two most common types of plays were drama and comedy. During plays a lot of information was portrayed through the characters costume. That was some information about Greek theater.
Poseidon, the brother of Zeus and Haydes! He is the god of water and the sea. His is involved in many MANY myths such as The foundation of Athens and the Battle of Troy. His logo, or sign is a trident!
Hermes, the god of speed and messages. He is in the myth of Apollo's Cattle, which involves him stealing s cows, and being caught. He has the symbol of a herald's staff. (The modern day medical sign) He is the half brother of Apollo.
Most people dont understand the significance of Greek Astronomy, and how it impacts today's society. One of the first Greek astronomers is credited with finding Trigonometry. also, if we never started learning about the stars back then, we would not have gone to space in today's society That is why Greek Astronomy is important to todays society.
Greek medicine was the stepping stone for modern medicine. They based their medicine studies off of the three humors. These humors are based off of the three body liquids. Blood, dark and light pus. This allowed many Greek Physicians to identify when injuries were serious and the same with illnesses. that is a brief summary of Greek medicine.
Pyramus and Thisbe
Birth Of Athena
The myth "Pyramus and Thisbe took place in Ancient Babylon. The Characters were Pyramus and Thisbe. They both loved each other and decided to elope, because their parents would not allow them to be together. Thisbe first arrived first and saw a lion and ran. Pyramus arrived, and thought Thisbe was killed by the lion because he saw blood everywhere. Pyramus killed himself because he thought Thisbe was dead. When Thisbe saw that he was dead, she killed herself and they both died.
The Jordan Reservoir
My own Myth
In early times, Zeus sent Jordan, Jacob and Saige on a mission out to sea. When they were out to sea Saige begins to feel sea sick and is leaning off the legde of the boat. A huge wind gust pushes her off the boat and into the sea. Poseidon then rises out of the water with rage that Zeus let a mortal on a mission so he kills Saige. Jacob and Jordan rush to the ledge where Saige fell to try to rescue her but they were to late. They then conclude that Saige is in the underworld, so they go to the underworld to look for her. While in the underworld they find Saige but she is only allowed to escape if they Saige, Jacob, and Jordan play the other prisoners a song. So Jacob takes out his saxophone, Jordan takes his drum and Saige takes her triangle and they play the classical "Tigerlily's Birthday". Then they set them free, and complete Zeus's mission.
The Birth of Athena was a very interesting myth. i am going to give you a brief explanation of this myth from ancient Greece.
First, it starts with Zeus lusting over Metis. he then had talked to a Oracle and learned that if he had a child with her the second one one kill him. Zeus swalloed Metis afterward. Hephaestus split open Zeus's skull to let Athena free! she crawled out in a full suit of armor. This is the story of her birth.
This is the story on how the Jordan Reservoir was formed and how it got a lame name like "Jordan".
Saige and Jordan were walking though a large field, discussing matters of education and such. Then, sudenly Jordan upsets Poseidon by stating that Neptune was god of the sea! (Saige agreed.) Posidon unleashed a massive tidal wave to drown the liers! Saige immediatly dies of shock, the tons of water hitter her all at once. Jordan, however was able to swimm up to the top and be rescued. When the rescuers asked his name he said Jordan. They named the sea for him.
"The Great Flood"
In early history on the earth, Zeus is mad at the world so he plans to destroy it with a flood. Prometheus warns Deucalion and Pyrrha and they get trapped in a chest. After they escape, everyone is dead. They throw rocks and the world is repopulated.
"The Maritsa River"
In ancient Greek times, Poseidon and Zeus had a disagreement and started to fight. Zeus fires a lighting bolt at Poseidon. It misses and hits the ground forming a hole in the shape of a river. Poseidon sprays water at Zeus, but it fills the river. The Maritsa River is formed.
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