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What are Video Games?

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Emmanuel Colon

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of What are Video Games?

What are Video Games?
To some, video games are just another piece of technology that is used to escape life. To others video games are just images produced by a computer program.
Why is this an issue?
Some claim videos games are a instigator of violence. They believe it causes people to commit acts of violence as depicted inside video games that are played.

Number of cases
to be linked to video games
Catholic Perspective On Violent Video Games
Pope Benedict said "The role of parents in forming children is primary their choice. They have a right and duty to ensure the prudent use of the media by training the conscience of their children to express sound and objective judgments which will then guide them in choosing or rejecting programs available.”
Father Ringley said "I believe over time, violent video games can make people violent."
Where the problem is most severe
We believe the problem is most severe in America. Since there are virtually no restrictions on video games, anyone can get their hands on them.
"Video games themselves are not a issue it is what people who have mental problems or other things wrong with them that make video games look like they are an issue."
What can be done?
Parents should not buy their children a game that is rated 17+ because it displays situations a child may not be mentally mature enough for.

People who have a mental issue should not play violent video games
Guns should not be easy to obtain
Schools need more protection against things that can cause students and staff harm
Daniel Petric
Back in September 2007 snuck out of his house to buy halo 3 against his parents wishes. His parents caught him and took away the game and put it in a lock box which also contained a 9mm handgun. A month later Daniel broke into the box and stole both the handgun and halo 3 then shot both his parents killing his mother and wounding his dad. He later left the house with halo 3.
The Research
Studies have shown that between 1994 and 2010 the number of violent crimes among youth has dropped by more than half as video game sales have double since 1994.
Gaming for Good
A charity established and founded by celebrity gamer Bachir Boumazza, aka Athene, collects donations and gives them out to children in need everywhere around the world.
More charities like this will show that video games are innocent and can cause good things to happen.
Fun fact: Athene is considered to be the best gamer in the world
Other media
Video games have been called the devil, so have cameras, TVs, phones, books, and computers.
Other media has depicted violence for years and sometimes it more violent then what is depicted in games. Physiologist have said if any effect is made by media it is the smallest influence possible.
Studies done on video games have shown that they can actually make you smarter.
Researchers conducted a study where one group of people played videos game and an another didn't
When they examined the brains of the people who played video games they showed strong memory formation, strategic planning, and coordination
Parents might be the problem
The excuse some parents use after buying their children violent game is that they didn't know what it contained
This is not true because when buying any rated M game the employee SHOULD/IS REQUIRED tell them
Rated M means MATURE! it its up to parents to buy their children the appropriate rated games or what they think they can handle
Video game ratings
What else can video games do?
Parents who play games with their children have better relationships
First-person shooters improve our vision (Can treat cataracts
Increases physical activity for children and decrease physiological risk factors for heart disease and diabetes
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