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The Orphan Boy and the Elk Dog

No description

ryan mcintyre

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of The Orphan Boy and the Elk Dog

The Orphan Boy And The Elk Dog
Heroic Character Traits
Anti-Heroic character traits
Long arrow was couragous
because he was not afraid
and comleted his journey to
the great mystery lake.
He was brave because he dove into the great mystery lake even though he knew he could drown.
Heroic Character Traits
Anti-Heroic Character Traits
-Good Running was generous because
he gave Long Arrow everything he could.
-He was also very affectionate because
he took Long Arrow in as if he was family.
-One thing that made him anti-heroic was the fact that he needed something in return from Long Arrow.
-Good running sent long arrow on a
risky journey to the Great Mystery Lake
on which he almost died.



The Old Spirit Chief
Heroic Character Traits
Anti-Heroic Charater Traits
-He gave Long Arrow his most prized
possessions such as a herd of magical
elk dogs.
-The Old Spirit Chief gave him something
to give to his new family.
- He made Long Arrow walk north to his home instead of letting him fly a elk dog.
Inciting Action
Rising Actions
Starts off with a young deaf boy named Long arrow
He was an orphan
He had only one remaining family member which was his older sister
His sister was beautiful and was also adopted
Long Arrow was left all alone with nobody to help him
Inciting Action
Long Arrow had nobody
His village decided to move south
The villagers refused to take Long Arrow with them because he was a "disgrace"
Long Arrow stayed in the old village for a couple days after everyone left
He knew he was going to die of starvation if he didn't leave the village and try to find where everyone left to
The only thing he could remember was that the villagers went south. South was where Long Arrow headed.
Rising Action
Once Long Arrow began his trail to find the others, he felt his ears pop one after the other
He was completely confused until he realized that he had just got his hearing back and it was better than ever
He ran into an old man named Good Running that took care of him and treated him as if he was his own child
Good Running's wife did not accept Long Arrow at first
She eventually came around to accepting him
Good Running wanted something from Long in return for caring for him
He sent him on a journey to find the Great Mystery Lake and ask the old spirit chief for his gift
When Long Arrows journey began, he walked for weeks in the same direction looking for the lake
He came across a lake that was one of the biggest that he ever seen
He took a nap and when he woke up there was a small boy standing in front of him
The boy asked him to follow him into the lake to meet his grandfather
Long Arrow dove in with no fear and he realized that he could breathe
When he entered the home, the grandfather (Old Spirit Chief) fed him and then asked Spirit boy to show Long the Elk Dogs
When he turned around, he saw the most beautiful creature he ever laid his eyes on.
Long Arrow instantly knew that this creature was the one Good Running sent him to look for
This creature was what was going to be the best gift for Good Running and his wife
The boy told him that if he wanted one, he had to see his grandfathers feet exposed. when he saw his hooves after the door caught on his robe, He asked him for 3 things. A herd of elk dogs, his magical robe and his belt. The Old Spirit chief agreed and sent him home to his new parents with the gift. Long and his family lived happily ever after.
Hero Journey
State of Innocence
Wake-up call
New Hardships the Hero Faces
Long Arrow was with Good Running and his family.
He was enjoying for once being apart of a real family
Long Arrow was extremley thankful for everything this man (Good Running) had done for him.
Good Running had given Long Arrow everything he could to make his life better than before, considering what he has been through.
As long was begining to get used to his new life style, Good Running and his wife told him that they needed something in return for caring for him
Long Arrow knew he did not have anything to give to the couple for taking care of them.
Long Arrowhad decided to do whatever Good Running told him in order to give back.
Good Running told Long Arrow to go south to the Great Mystery Lake so that he can search for the magic elks that help humans and make their life's easier.
Long Arrow had agreed gracefully to Good Runnings request.
Long Arrow had immediately began his search for the Great Mystery Lake.
He had walked on foot for nearly a month with no food nor shelter.
On his journey, he had began to notice that Good Running had sent him on a misson that he knew was possibly deadly.
He figured out that he had been sent out on a quest that he may not ever return from.
After days of walking and running, Long Arrow had finally arrived at one of the largest lakes he had ever seen.
He was extremely tired, so he had decided to lay down and fall asleep.
When Long Arrow had awoken, there was a strange boy standing over him. (The Old Spirit Chiefs grandson.)
The Spirit Boy told long to follow him, but he walked straight into the lake.
Long Arrow was not hesitant to walk in right after him because he was full of bravery and determination.
He notice that when he was in the water, he did not get wet and he could breath perfectly fine
The Old Spirit Chief let Long Arrow stay with them so he could recover from his journey
A hardship Long Arrow faced was when he was trying to figure out how to earn the magical elk creatures from The Old Spirit Chief.
The Spirit Boy told Long Arrow that he had to sneak a look at his grandfathers feet in order to get what he came there for in the first place.
He was told that he could only ask for three things.
As the Old Spirit Chief was walking out the door one day, his long robe caught into the hinges of the door revealing his elk feet.
The Old Spirit Chief frowned and asked Long Arrow what his three desires were.
Long Arrow was more than happy, he was ecstatic because he was just about to get what Good Running sent him to get at the start of his journey.
Long Arrow asked for a herd of magical elk dogs, His long magical robe, and his rainbow belt.
The Old Spirit Chief agreed
Long Arrow walked halfway home until a elk came and flew him home.
Good Running and his wife became much more wealthy and the elks helped out with work
The myth shows that although many attempted to bring the
elk dogs back and were unsuccessful, Long Arrow still was able to go through a whole journey just to prove that he wasn't completely worthless. He ended up proving everyone wrong and himself right. Unlike anyone else, he managed to bring the elks. This shows how his journey was really a success. This story tells you "No matter what obstacle is thrown at you in life, if you believe in yourself and put effort forward, you will make it through".
Long Arrow was deaf in the beginning of the story which made the people of the tribe believe he was dim-witted.
"As he was stumbling, running, panting, something suddenly snapped in his left ear with the sound like a small crack, a worm like substance came out of that ear" (Blackfeet 429).
This passage deeply represented foreshadowing
When the reader realized that Long Arrow was no longer deaf. This passage foreshadowed the event of Long Arrow pleasing the village by coming home with many Elk dogs. Before when he was deaf, he was thought of as silly or stupid, but this event changed everyone's outlook on him which made him great.
by: Native American (Blackfeet)
Literary Term
The theme of coming of age is also displayed throughout the story. Long Arrow was given confidence and a positive self esteem through everything Good Running did for him. When Long Arrow grew older he relized his old remote self had evolved into a young man that had potential to something great. With this mindset he was extremely confident and believed he could go out and do something someone had never accomplished before. Long Arrows sudden change in character guided him to "come of age" quickly and greatly and if his power isnt respected Long Arrow couldve have ended up hurting himself and his people around him.
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