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Should Students Be Allowed To Chew Gum In Class?

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Linda Nguyen

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Should Students Be Allowed To Chew Gum In Class?

Should Students be able to chew gum in class
What is wrong with chewing gum in school? Teachers think gum is rude and distracting while students think gum keeps them more alert. However, teachers are wrong because studies have shown that chewing gum can actually help with students grades. Also, it helps you stay awake and students would have more concentration. Those are all the qualities that a teacher wants in a student, therefore students should be able to chew gum in class.

First of all, gum actually helps students focus and improve on schoolwork. Well, scientists have shown that students who chew gum during a test don't make as many mistakes and do twenty-six percent to thirty-six percent better then usual. If your parents and teachers knew gum can do that, they would probably let you chew gum all the time. Since gum is proven to help with students focus, they would have no trouble memorizing what they studied for on a test. Finally, chewing gum can reduce stress especially from tests and homework. Chewing gum is associated with reduced anxiety so the student can calm down and think thoroughly without panicking. So, achieving excellent grades is awesome, but you have to owe it all to gum.
Another reason we must include gum at school is because it helps in keeping students awake. When some people are at school, they start to see other students who look sleepy or wanting to fall asleep. The solution to this predicament is gum. According to a scientific study by Kathleen Melanson from University of Rhode Island, when you chew gum your metabolism increases by 20 percent. When someone’s metabolism is raised, they are more likely to stay awake. This evidence shows that gum needs to be allowed at school to help students stay awake.
Lastly, if your a student and you can't concentrate, the solution to this predicament is gum. According to some researchers, they surveyed fifteen students and thirteen out of fifteen of them said it helped them stay focused. Also, when you keep chewing gum, it flows down to your cortisol levels allowing the student to stay concentrated. Now, if your doing a test or quiz, you might get a lot of mistakes. So, if your parents wanted good marks and concentration from you, then gum is what you need!
Even if teachers ague that there is always gum under desks and walls, it's only because students don't want to get into trouble. First of all, if teachers wouldn't let them, they would not concentrate and fool around. Also, most students wouldn't get A+ and a they would not participate in class as much. Parents and teachers would like that at all. However, if they want all those things, they would have to buy more gum but it is banned from school. So, if your a student lacking those things, you should complain to your principal because chewing gum is not allowed in school.
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