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Economic Research: Apple Products

No description

Kevin Buri

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Economic Research: Apple Products

Input 1 Input 3 Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Suppliers Current commodity price Two Factors The price of an iphone 5 at this current time is about $400 with a plan and $849 without a plan. Alternate products for this commodity could be the iphone 4s which costs about $100 with a plan. Or if you would want to go outside the company, a Galaxys3 would serve just as useful, if not more, as an alternate. Primary suppliers- Apple
Apple products are the number one suppliers (Specifically of smartphones) in the world.
Secondary Suppliers - Samsung
Tertiary Suppliers - Nokia Two factors that would/could/will affect available supply are if a natural disaster were to occur and take out one of the factories that produce apple products. This wouldn't cease all production, but it would certainly slow down production at least in that area. Another factor that could affect supply would be competition. With the release of Samsung's gs3, apple products were to have increased.
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