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No description

zach lamb

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Lightning

By- Zach Lamb L-13
Lightning occurs when there are positive and negative charges in clouds. The charges create electricity and then lightning strikes.
Types of lightning
There are three types of lightning. Inner cloud, Cloud to cloud, and Cloud to ground. Inner cloud is where lightning happens inside one cloud. Cloud to cloud is when lightning from one cloud strikes another cloud. Cloud to ground lightning is the least common but we know the most about it is when lightning from a cloud hits the ground.
Lighting Deaths
In 2013 there was 23 deaths in 14 states. Most of the deaths occurred under trees, golfing, or by water. Also more men die from lightning then women.
How to stay safe
You can stay safe from lightning by staying indoors during storms. But if you are outside stay away from trees, metal, and water.
Where is lighting
Lightning isn't just on Earth, it happens on other planets like Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. Most lighting in the world happens in central Africa and South America. In America it happens in Florida and near the gulf coast.
Worst lighting strikes
An example of the worst lighting strike is when lighting struck a fuel deposit and the deposit exploded killed
people. Also the Eiffel Tower was hit in early 1900s and the damage costs thousands.
Lightning Costs
America spends about 6.5 billion dollars yearly on lightning damages, from fires to destroyed buildings.
Fun Facts
Lightning is sometimes hotter than the surface of the sun
There is 1.4 billion flashes on Earth per year
Lighting lasts 1 or 2 microseconds
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