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How to take notes like a champion.

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Kat Kent

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of How to take notes like a champion.

How to take notes like a champion.
The basics
Practice time!!!
In your notebook, please draw the outline for Cornell notes.

make sure that you have labeled all three sections.
vocabulary & questions
notes and quotes
In conclusion...
Cornell notes
created by Walter Pauk
Professor of education at Cornell University
The first section
Notes and quotes
To summarize...
located on the far left side of the paper.

largest section of the paper.
main ideas
steps to solve a problem
, etc.
The final section contains the summary of the material.
This section allows for reflection of content.
Using the clip that you just saw:
write down vocabulary words and questions.
record notes and quotes.
finally, summarize the clip.
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