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What is Technical Analysis Presented By Stu Whisson

No description

Stu Whisson

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of What is Technical Analysis Presented By Stu Whisson

What is
Technical Analysis Quick Facts! Method of analysing financial chart trading data from the financial markets
Method of determining the 'Entry', 'Exit' and potential 'Profit' for any given trade
Ability to look at both the big picture of the market and current market view www.FinancialSpreadBet.com
is It can not predict the future But it does have it's benefits The ability to use well known methods that have shown to give light to opportunities
Ability to show where trends may be starting to slow down and reverse
Chart patterns that predict potential for stronger growth within a current trend
Potential to use as a guide as to where to place your stop (the point you close the trade). It's not too 'Technical' The term 'Technical Analysis' is misleading
It should be renamed 'Visual Analysis'
It's a means of presenting information, visually, through various overlays, graphs, and additional algorithms to present data
Show 'Bullish' trends and 'Bearish' trends
Speed of growth in either of those directions
Potential for exhaustion of growth and subsequent reversal of the current direction in which the chart is trading Don't Forget.... There is a free technical analysis course in Financial Spread Betting on this website
All you need to do is enter your name and email address on this website
You will then have full access to the training course and the option of support directly from my (Stu Whisson) Analysis does require a lot of skill to work for you
It can NOT predict the future path of any chart or trade Popular Sayings... 'Let the trend be your friend'
'Buy on fear, sell on greed'
Amateurs want to be right. Professionals want to make money. Free Training .... Completely Free Training Course
In Analysis and in Financial Spread Betting
Discover the techniques and methods that work
Learn from a seasoned professional in analysis
Don't waste money on other courses, here you get everything and more for free
Enter your name and email on www.financialspreadbet.com English Spelling etc. Please note that I am British
Some of you maybe used to American spelling
Such as 'Analyzing' is 'Analysing' and so on
These are not errors
Just the way I write because I am British
So please don't email me telling me how to spell! In a Nutshell... A means of presenting historical price data
That is easier to understand
Only uses historical data, nothing more
99% of all indicators use this same data, as that is all they have, nothing more
Provides a mean of reading that data, to show potential points of entry and exit
Means of showing possible points of reversal in the direction the chart is currently trading Just remember.... Technical Analysis is not really technical
..but does require a lot of skill to get the most out of your trading
It is more visual, by reading patterns, graphs, lines and more
Simply a means of presenting historical data in a way that is easier to read
Through the study of these movements, technical analysis as we know it today was born
It can not predict the future
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