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Texas Government

In this Prezi we learn about Government in Texas and a bit outside of Texas.

Scardino Bob

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Texas Government

Including the: Legislative Branch,Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch! The 3 Branches of Government The Texas legislative branch makes the laws for the state of Texas.
It is seperated into two parts,
1:The Senate, containing 31 members.

2:The House of Represenatives, containing 150 members.

These parts are lead by the Liteunant Govenor and the Speaker of the house. The Legislative Branch This branch is made up of courts and branches

The Judicial branch makes sure laws are followed.

Texas has 2,000 Courts and 3,000 judges.

The last resort courts are the Supreme Courts and The Court of Criminal Appeals.

Since 1997 all judges in the last resort courts are Republican.

There are 7 types of courts. The Judicial Branch Makes sure laws are enforced. The Executive Branch The Govenor can sign (Or Veto) a law to make it pass.

The Govenor is voted by the citizens of Texas.

Our govenor is Rick Perry.

George Bush was the govenor before Rick Perry.

Rick Perry is a Republican. There are 9 judges in the Supreme Court.

This is the first time all judges are Republican. The Judicial Branch (Continued) To vote you must be 16 and up.

First you would go to a computer panel, and type in some stuff as in example:
ZIP Code:
Date: ect.
Then you would have to choose who you wish to vote for.
Sometimes there are multiple people to vote for. You would vote for them too. How to vote (Not as in water)

Rick Perry is the Govenor
Barack Obama is the President
Our Senators are Kay Hutichison
and John Cornyn Currents Why are you here?
YOU SHOULD BE LEARNING >:( finger nail You better like em. Drawings of the Branches. ALL RISE! Can't get mad at a mallet of that size. Judicial Speech! Executive Writing those laws! Legislative Do you know about Texas government now?
I hope you do, this took time. Please watch my other Prezi's! The Mayor of Conroe is: Mayor Webb K. Melder
The Mayor of Houston is: Mayor Annise Parker Our Mayors
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