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Spies & Codes In World War 1

No description

Ian Estep

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Spies & Codes In World War 1

Howard Burnham
French intelligence spy during WWI. Most known for his wooden leg; which he used to smuggle and conceal spy equipment when in enemy territory.

Burnham was taken prisoner in 1914 in Mexico for suspected spying but was later released. In 1918, while on his death bed, Howard shared all of the secrets he found on his missions. His final words were "Always have I wanted to help pay the debt my country has owed to France. Go back to the front and save the living. I am already dead."
Introduction to Spies
and Codes in WW1
Mata Hari
Dancer turned spy, accused of being a double agent, spied on the French for the Germans, while telling the French she was spying on the Germans.

She is thought to have become an active spy in 1915. She remained an active spy until being arrested by the French in her hotel room in 1917. She was later executed by firing squad the same year.
The Zimmerman Telegram was a coded message originally sent to Mexico from the German Empire, inviting Mexico to join the Triple Alliance in the event that the United States sided with the Triple Entente.

It was intercepted by the
British, and is believed to have brought America into WWI.
MI5 Organization
Spies & Codes In WWI
by Thomas Decker and Ian Estep
French Spy, Howard Burnham
Double agent, Mata Hari. Spied for Germany
When everyone thinks of spies, traditionally, they do not think of World War I. But, from WWI, spawned an elaborate double agent system and laid the foundation for spies of the future.
Spies of WWI
Mata Hari at her arrest
Codes in WWI
The Zimmerman Telegram
Part of the telegram as decrypted by British codebreakers
Spy Organizations
MI5 was a German spy agency that had at least 150 known members as of 1918. They were far more advanced than the British spies at the time.
The heads of several MI5 branches, 1918
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