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A Cell is like a Kingdom

No description

Nikki Criscuolo

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of A Cell is like a Kingdom

A Cell is like a Kingdom
Cell Membrane - Drawbridge
The cell membrane is like the drawbridge. A cell membrane maintains the shape and controls what enters and leaves the cell. Similar to a cell membrane, a drawbridge only allows specific people into and out of the kingdom by being raised or lowered.
Nucleus - Castle
The nucleus is like the castle. The nucleus is the central core that directs cell activity and maintains the DNA. Just like a nucleus, the castle is in charge of the kingdom and all of its tasks and actions.
Nuclear Membrane - Guard
The nuclear membrane is like the guard. The nuclear membrane controls what enters and leaves the nucleus. Just like the nuclear membrane, the guards of a castle only allows certain people and goods in and out of the castle.
Cell Wall - Moat
The cell wall is like the moat. A cell wall protects and supports the cell. Related to a cell wall, a moat surrounds the kingdom (cell) and protects it by not letting anything get through it.
Ribosomes - Farmers
A ribosome is like a farmer. The ribosomes build and construct proteins. Just like ribosomes, farmers have to produce and maintain the farmland by planting crops and keeping it clean.
Nucleolus - King
A nucleolus is like a king. The nucleolus is located inside the nucleus. It is known as the brain of the cell because it controls what goes on throughout. The king is located in the castle and he controls and carries out actions.
Lysosomes - Dungeon
A lysosome is like a dungeon. The lysosome breaks down and digests food such as nucleic acids, proteins, and polysaccharides. The dungeon is the kingdom jail where criminals are forced to stay in prison cells where they break down emotionally and physically.
Mitochondria - Garden
A mitochondria is like a garden. In a cell, the mitochondria produces energy through cellular respiration. In a kingdom, the garden produces energy through photosynthesis from the trees and plants.
Vacuole - Dining Hall
Cytoskeleton - Queen
Cytoplasm - Courtyard
Golgi Apparatus - Turret
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum - Wall Walk
The rough endoplasmic reticulum is like the wall walk. The rough endoplasmic reticulum is a network of membranes that direct and produce a variety of molecules. Just like a rough endoplasmic reticulum, a wall walk is an area on top of the castle that has many different routes to get to other parts of the kingdom.
The vacuole is like the dining hall. The vacuole's function is to absorb and store water and nutrients. In a dining hall, food and water are stored and then given out to the royal family.
The cytoskeleton is like the queen. The cytoskeleton maintains cell shape and keeps all of the organelles in place. Just like a cytoskeleton, the queen keeps everything in place and under control after her permission of the king.
The cytoplasm is like the courtyard.
The cytoplasm maintains and provides support to the organelles. Similar to the cytoplasm, the courtyard holds the other parts of the kingdom inside of it.
A Golgi Apparatus is like a turret. The Golgi Apparatus modifies, stores, and routes cell products. A turret is a small tower that looks over the kingdom and is usually used as an outlook to route people passing by.
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