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Copy of NEC - Death of Yugoslavia (The Gates of Hell)

No description

Pauline Eloff

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Copy of NEC - Death of Yugoslavia (The Gates of Hell)

Minke de Haan
Rachel Haas
Violet Benneker
Roderick Al
Pauline Eloff Part IV:
THE GATES OF HELL WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME? Referendum on bosnian independence; lost by Serbs Nation FAILURE BOSNIAN STATE Muslim Serb Croat Not succesful in creating an identity stronger than the underlying differences Reinforcing the lable of otherness Examples in the movie: Izetbegovic calling on the bosnian identity: Reification of ethnicity: institutionalization of ethnicity VIOLENCE Violence being a cause of meaningful difference examples in the movie: Elite instigation of violence: Karadzic killing citizens calling for peace Carefully planned: Milosevic and Tudjman 'pulling a fast one' DISCUSSION Would ethnic polarization be possible if this discourse was not rooted in people's everyday realities? so, What are we talking about? the construction of meanings of ethnic identity Brubaker: "ethnicity ... should be conceptualized not as substances or things ...but rather in relational proccesual, dynamic, eventful, and disaggretated terms." Fearon and Laitin: "Elites foment ethnic violence to build political support; this process has the effect of constructing more antagonistic identities, which favors more violence” Content of the presentation: what happened last time?
discussion 'Civil war'; under control of Karadzic (backed by Milosevic) Tudjman & Milosevic divide Bosnia amongst themselves Serb militias attack Bijèljina and muslimvillages; genocide. Conquer of Bosnia Shelling and attempted invasion of Sarajevo, stopped by Bosnians (all ethnicities!) Trade off between Muslims and Serbs; Serb general Kukanjac for the Bosnian president Izetbegovic Continuation of shelling Saravejo, with new Serb general Mladic dfgsf sadfgadefg sdgadadf
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