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Railways Presentation 1

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Nichster 13

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Railways Presentation 1

Transportation of Goods Prior to the invention of railways, the transportation of goods was inefficient, and was transported mainly by foot, horseback, and animal powered wagon.

Currently 43% of the goods in the United States are being transported by rail systems. In Conclusion... Railways are the most significant invention of ancient history. They support the transportation of goods, safe and efficient transportation of people, and they have a major effect on how wars are fought. Created by Nichster 13 The Great Invention
of Railways Transportation
of People Railways also supported the transportation of people. They started to appear in the early 1800's, creating a decreased travel time and an easier way to get from one place to another. Before the passenger rails, people used to travel mostly by foot or wagon.

Railways allow people to relocate with greater ease along with a safe form of transportation. This also lead to the development of the Western part of the United States. Effect on War When the Greeks first invented the railway of Corinth, they sometimes used it to haul huge war ships across the isthmus. They did this to quicken naval campaigns. First produced in 500 BCE, the original Greek railway provided a faster way of shipping goods, including heavy objects such as marble, monoliths, and timber in ancient times. When the steam engine was first invented, railways were also used to move troops, and supply weaponry and supplies.

During the Civil War, turrets were mounted on top of the rail cars, allowing a quick attack (and retreat) process. Have you ever wondered what life would be like without rail systems?

Railways are the most significant invention originating from ancient times.

Railways have changed so many thing. It introduced a new and efficient way of travel for both goods and people, and changed the way wars were fought.
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