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Dance Setup

No description

Sarah Justus

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of Dance Setup

Dance Setup
-Starts at 8:30 PM
-Dance Duty helps set up starting at 7:30 PM
-Move equipment
Week 2:
GHP Animation Studios
It may not be Saturday morning, but it’s time to make your favorite cartoons come to life. Are you Disney/Pixar, Cartoon Network or 90’s Nickelodeon? We’ll bring our “toons,” you bring yours!
Week 3:
East Meets West
Though they never meet on the map, we are bringing East and West together for a night of movin’ and groovin’! Expect to hear everything from honky tonk to K-Pop, east coast and west, and we want to see your most creative interpretations of our theme yet!
Week 4:
Graffiti Dance
All you need for this dance is a white t-shirt and your autograph! We provide the Sharpies and the music, you provide the memories. Save the last dance for us, at what is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of the summer!
Week 1:
It takes two to tango! Time to take to the floor with your team dressed as any and all things that begin with the letter “T”. We’re talking toddlers and tiaras, T-Rex, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Grab your new squad and two-step your way to the T-Party!
Dressing Up as an RA
-Dress up even if you only have dance duty for a short amount of time or not at all.
-The more that the students see you dressed up, the more they will get into it as well.
-Dress up when you have time. It is okay to be in costume throughout the day. It is advertisement for the dance.
-Goodwill and the art supply room are your friends.
It's okay if your mom made your costume.

Love, DJ N-Justus and DJ Cap'n Crunk
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