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Sisterhood of the traveling

By: Taylor and Sydney

Taylor Dariel

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Sisterhood of the traveling

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Sexual Development Emotional Development Physical Development Social Development Tibby Lena Carmen Bridget Bridget Tibby Lena Tibby Bridget Lena Carmen Lena Bridget Carmen Tibby BRIDGET CARMEN LENA TIBBY Carmen Dad and Mom divorce Mother Dies Parents have more kids Meets Kostos Becomes friends with Bailey Visits Dad for the summer Meets step family meets Eric Meets grandparents Falls in love with Eric Kisses Eric Falls in love with Kostos Seeing Dad again Finding out her dad is remarrying Bailey dies of leukemia Becomes friends with Brian Makes friends with people
at soccer camp Starts dating Kostos Falls in love with Eric Falls in love with Kostos Feels as if her dad does not care about her anymore and has got himself a new family Is Banned from seeing Kostos Flirts with Eric Starts to wear more revealing clothing Becomes a more sensitive person Afraid to fall in love Strong and athletic Has a bigger build Turned on by Eric Kisses Kostos Comforatible where they are sextually and don't change Hates step family Edgy style Conservative style Forgives dad enough to go to his wedding Scared for Bailey By: Taylor Brooks
and Sydney Craig
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