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Fordham IT Support Services

No description

Judy Rothschild

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Fordham IT Support Services

Getting to know Fordham IT
Support Services

Part 1 - IT Customer Care
Part 2 - IT Team & RTCs

What is IT Customer Care?
Formerly known as the Help Desk
Re-Branding and New Support Experience
IT Gateway

How to contact IT Customer Care
Hours of Operations
Locations for Walk-In support
Phone / Email
Online Form
Top 5 Support Issues

Identity Management
Fordham NAC
Active Directory
What can IT Customer Care Assist with?
Claiming your Identity at the University on My.Fordham.edu
Gaining Access and Using Fordham Gmail
Connecting to the Fordham WiFi
Gaining Access to Fordham’s Enterprise Systems (Banner, Fordham Connect)
Software Installation
“Any IT Related Question, please contact IT Customer Care”
What happens when you
contact IT Customer Care ?
Analyst gathers customer’s information
Analyst provides troubleshooting steps
Researches and attempts to implement possible solution
Attempt to resolve issue on 1st point of contact
If not able to resolve, escalate to Tier 2
Advanced Troubleshooting
Hope to resolve issue within ITCC
Liaison between customer and backend support team
Hardware Support
Application Administrators
Escalation Avoidance
Aged Tickets and Surveys
FY 2014
Total Number of:

Calls = 33,026
Emails = 12,163
Walk-Ins = 2,678
What is an RTC?
Each hall has at least one student that is an RTC
Why do we have RTCs?
Offer additional after hours and weekend assistance
More personalized support
More in touch with resident students
Keep students informed about IT
Add educational value
Growing online resources and services
What do RTCs do?
What RTCs do not do
RTCs do not work on hardware repair
RTCs do not reinstall operating systems
RTCs do not do other students' homework
RTCs do not report on behavioral violations
RTCs do not enforce IT policy, only report it
What makes our staff so GREAT!
Years of Experience
Mentoring Program
Knowledge Transfer
"Above and Beyond"
Preparing for the
New Year
Meet and Greets
Hiring and Interviewing
Student Employees / RTC's
Staff Training
Back to School Schedule
Getting to know
Fordham IT Support Services

Questions & Answers
Formerly known as Tiger Team
In-room tech support during B2S
Comprised of 60-70 students
Assist in network connection and education of IT resources & services
Distribute Graduate ID cards
Runs during the first few weeks of the semester
After IT Team, our RTC program picks
up where they left off...
What is IT Team?
Resident Technology Consultant
RTC stands for...
RTCs are available everyday
including weekends
for in-room tech support
Support & Educate Residents
Survey & Network
Market & Promote
Beyond Residence Halls
Testing &Maintenance
Assist with in-room computer and peripheral setup and maintenance
All work is recorded in our ticketing system
Run & coordinate educational workshops
RTCs are responsible for monitoring the networks in their halls and run on-site testing that is crucial to maintaining performance
Monitor print stations, iTVs and Kiosks
Survey students for feedback
Participate in beta testing & focus groups
Attend RD/RA staff meetings
Attend RHA individual meetings
Assist with all new marketing & communications
Maintain a Blog and FB group
Participate in FNN, live TV broadcast
Assist with tabling for any IT related need
Publish 2 newsletters each semester
Work in ITCC to learn more & keep skills current
Participate in ITCC mentoring program
Co-sponsor events with CSA, USG, RHA, & clubs
Act as a liaison between students & Fordham IT
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