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Technological Roadmap

No description

Koby Holzer

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Technological Roadmap

Technological Roadmap

Challenges and opportunities
Distributed Storage
Auto scaling
What's new in Openstack
The Foreman -
complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers
This plan involves everyone!!
Production Strategic Goals for 2014
Problems we are trying solve
Clusters orchestration
Faster and Safer provisioning, deployments and upgrades
HA for Openstack infra
Openstack storage bottleneck
Enhancements and upgrades
Automated capacity management
Openstack Security
Custom ENC for puppet
Easier deployments using global variables for puppet
Global log management
Load Balancing OOTB
LB – Full API = BB
Puppet Dashboard
ENC (External node classifier)
Provisioning servers – Openstack, VMware, Physical, EC2
Full puppet and Mcollective integration
Restful API
Reporting (+auditing)
Single host Dashboard
Integrate with Openstack nativeli
Distributed FS (Like Hadoop)
Installed on commodity servers
Not tested yet in LP for performance
Like Hadoop, footprint might be large
Alternative can be Netapp but cost accordingly
Another alternative Can be
Gluster, which is Redhat Storage for Openstack
Heat Overview
Orchestrates multiple composite cloud applications, called a stack, by executing a CloudFormation template
All of the resources, installation, configuration, and startup commands are included in the CloudFormation template
Allows creation of most resource types (such as instances, floating IPs, volumes, security groups, users, etc.) as well as some advanced services (such as high availability, auto-scaling and nested stacks)
Full monitoring stack provided built in with the project Ceilometer
And..... Implemented now fully in Havana
framework to build server orchestration or parallel job execution systems. Meaning, we can manage all our servers on all DC’s from 1 single point and in any resolution we want
Integrate with Puppet
Integrate with Foreman
RnD (and us) can build our own plugins
Manage clusters
Rich API & CLI
We talked about the goals
Enhancements and upgrades
Networking Topolgy Diagram
Create a new VM
Choose your BB
CEPH is a distributed object store and file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability
Openstack Security -
Upgrade to Havana
Clusters orchestration -
Faster and Safer provisioning, deployments and upgrades -
HA for Openstack infra -
Upgrade to Havana
Openstack storage bottleneck -
The problems we are trying to solve
Automated capacity management -

Upgrade to Havana
Openstack Security -
Upgrade to Havana
Custom ENC for puppet -
Easier deployments using global variables for puppet -
Global log management -
Logstash, Elastic search and Kibana
Cental Log System
Heat is the main project in the OpenStack Orchestration program. It implements an orchestration engine to launch multiple composite cloud applications based on templates in the form of text files
Basic infra
Before we conclude
Some high lights from the things we learned from the Openstack summit:
Networking DevOps is a new profession this world have created and we need to give it more attention
We took puppet and Mcollective further then most companies
Our story very much resembles the Paypal story - More contact soon
VMware has it place in the Openstack world
There are many more great solutions for configuration management and orchestration like: JUJU, Ansible
Opensource distributed storages - CEPH vs Gluster
Autoscaling is the name of the game and ScalR is an option
Containers is a big thing now and Docker is leading it
Openstack support with Enovance?
Ease portability between public and private clouds, simplify application lifecycle management across developer, test, and production environments via OpenStack plugin Heat's orchestration tools; and build in support for Git, continuous integration, and various developer environments.
Live-migrate based Resize
PCI built in compliance
DB as a service
FW as a service
Ironic - Bare Metal provisioning
Savanna - Hadoop as a service
Where does this world is going (Short-term - 04/2014):
But before that - Hiera
(Native feature in our puppet)
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