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Clinical Research Coordinator

Career Research Project Part 2

Kristen Broussard

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Clinical Research Coordinator

Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? x x Lunch w/ Kelly Buying
or Renting a House Salary range
Salary vs. area of living
How much money will I make? by Kristen Broussard What it is and how I will get there. Clinical Research
Coordinator Education What is the U.S. average cost of living? Moolah: T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I A bachelor or master's degree is needed. What is that? Median home cost
Median apartment/rent cost
Costs of living vs. current standards Experience? Why This Works: Other Requirements { + x x x x x x First CAREER!!!
@ Capgemini :) Jacob B-day!
Get present Basic Skills
Problem solving
Social (verbal)
Ideas/Logic Gains
Financial aspect of things
Budgets, etc.
Why this is a career for me Education: +128 credits
BS in Biology NJIT Requirements: Fall 2011 acceptance rate 68.5%

Application deadline March 1

SAT/ACT scores must be received by July 1

Entire record/performance
Highest ACT/SAT score
Av. SAT: 1400

Tuition: $14,740 Undergraduate Program Graduate Program Ms in Biology
+30 credits (graduate-level courses)
Undergraduate degree in Biology What is a Clinical Research Coordinator? Plan, direct, coordinate
Direct workers
Evaluate/Analyze data Knowledge: Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, or statistics
Customer & Personal Service
Coordination of people and resources Skills: Listening
Problem solving
Working with others Abilities: Communication
Attention to detail
Using logic
Leading/making decisions HELP WANTED: Life Sciences Business Analyst with Data Management implementation of IT solutions
work with clients
ensure high-quality deliverables
improve productivity/efficiency
resolve issues
optimize cost savings
carry yearly target for managed revenue $64,180-$154,620 Old: $64,180
New: $94,546 Certifications: CRC Certification Renewal needed
Fee: $662 C.O.L in Jersey City, NJ
30.70% higher than US average, 47.3% higher than Pensacola Making: $85,204 Net change:
-$9,341 Jersey City vs. Pensacola Income is 32.8% more, annually Jersey City Pensacola Salary COL 30.70% -10.40% Compare $94,546 $64,180 Cost of Living This considered, what kind of housing can I afford? 30.70%
47.3% 32.8%
-10.40% $64,180-$154,620 Old: $64,180
New: $94,546 $85,204 Housing Average home cost:
$239,200 Leases: 1-5 years Mortages: 10-30 years Utilities: $75-$200 Average apartment cost:
$1900 - $3000 Apartments Housing Mom
4354 Streetname Ln.
43541 Pensacola, FL Kristen
1234 Lanestreet Ave.
12345 Jersey City, NJ Dear mom, I am really working hard on my school studies... It is tough!
But it will be worth it in the end. How are you? Is Daniel doing well?
Your daughter,
Kristen TO DO: Go to post office
Get ramen noodles
Study ch 25 for Biology
Do homework
Get toothpaste Key terms: Macromolecule blotting
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Budget cuts:
Personal spending
Store-brand items Cost: $160,000 Rent: $2,000 Rent: $1,870 Cost: $140,000
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