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Alex Charles- Smart Homes

No description

Howard Battersby

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Alex Charles- Smart Homes

Smart Homes
By Alex Charles,

Future Smart Homes
By: Alex Charles
What Makes A Smart Home 'Smart'
There are many reasons as to why a smart home is classified as to being 'smart'. Here is my top 2 reasons.
What do smart homes
contain and enable you to do?
Smart homes enable you to do many things, but the most common things things that come with smart homes are:

-Fridges that tell you what the contents inside is.
-A microwave that scans your food and tells you whether it is cooked, undercooked or over cooked.

Reason 1
"Smart Homes can be classified as smart for having the latest gadgets in the home. Smart homes have fridges that tell you what is inside and walls that change color according to your mood."
How has technology changed in the past?
Since the past technology has changed in so many ways. Houses have changed dramatically since the past. Here is a picture to show you how.
Reason 2
Smart Homes can be classified as smart and helpful because it can help you many ways. for example if your son is disabled and wants to turn on the lights, instead of him getting up and physically turning them on all he has to do is say "lights on".
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