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No description

Ciara M

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of RescuTape

Thank You!
Have you ever experienced an injury? Hands up...
Broken finger
Sports injury
What YOU NEED is RescuTape
Our New Design
RescuTape is constantly striving to improve its design and efficiency to meet our customers needs.

We have recently improved the quality of the bonding adhesive and gauze used in our product.
Stories from our customers
Liz, Edinburgh "I can always fall back on Rescutape. I have two kids, Lucas and George, who both play football. RescuTape is a must in the first aid kit."
Advantages of using RescuTape
Strong adhesive bond keeps the tape on for up to 2 days, and is removed with ease!

Used by professional doctors, sports teams and all hospitals worldwide.

Hypoallergenic and non-irritating so it is suited to every user.

It locks out moisture while letting in beneficial oxygen to heal wound.

This why
you need
RescuTape today!
The revolutionary new design
Why you need to be rescu-ed...
Mark, Cork " I've been a bricklayer for almost twenty-five years. I'm constantly getting cuts and bruises. I always throw a roll of RescuTape in the van, along with a few bandages."
Sandra, New York "Ballet dancing takes its toll on feet, that's why I always carry a roll of RescuTape in my bag, its reliable and stops my feet cramping or blistering."
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