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Designing a phone!

Y7 Lesson

Mr Rogers

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Designing a phone!

Tell your partner the coolest thing you can do on your phone Connect Objectives Outcomes think about future technologies

understand that ICT is more than computers in a classroom! design a futuristic phone

advertise your phone really professionally! Sorry, it's not real! But what if it was... Imagine you work for Apple or Nokia or Samsung, designing the world's coolest phones! In your pair, think of three new features that no-one's ever put in a phone before that you think would be amazing 3 Think of three different types of people who buy phones e.g. business people, students, teenagers, mums, old people In pairs, you are going to design and advertise a new phone think about: what kind of people should want to buy it what amazing feature it will have what it might look like Which network you would use it on What to call it! Activate Demonstrate Consolidate Take time to look at each design idea Look for something brilliant in each one and say "well done!"
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