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No description

lis lab3

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of basketball

What equipment do you need to play? I need a basketball court and a basketball
What is the name of your sport? The name of my sport is basketball
Where do you play this sport? I play it usually where ever a basketball court is
Lebron James is one of my idols.
Dwyane Wade is also one of my idols.
Mario Chalmers is a REALLY good 3 point shooter
Ray Allen one of the best basketball players and three pointer shooters is shown on the left
Carmelo Anthony,Blake Griffin,Tyson Chandler, Kevin Love,Kevin Durant,Lebron James,Chris Paul,Russel Westbrook,Deron Williams,James Harden,Andre Igoudala,and Kobe Bryant.
This is Chris Bosh
Micheal Jordan is a AWESOME basketball player
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