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Business Plan

Clara Devya

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of METACYCLE

METACYCLE 7 Our Company Design Marketing and Financial Plan Promotion Channel Of Distribution Price Design competition
Free samples for school
Banners at well-known bookstore
Provoke magazine Selling directly to our customers
Allowing bookstore as stockholder A5 sized books are sold at Rp 35.000
Designed Books are sold at Rp 45.000
Design by request, price can be varied SWOT Production System Metamorf Cycle Organization Structure Vision & Mission Saving The World With Creativity
Generating Profit From Recycling CEO COO CMO CFO Martina Terey Wibisana Audry Silvia Limanta Ardion Andreas Clara Yohanes Pressing Printing & Covering Drying Rolling (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Cutting
Blending • Possibility of merger with printing company
• Firms might be attracted to work together for producing company's journals, catalogues, etc
• Our product might be able to be promoted and sold through bookstore such as Gramedia, Toko Gunung Agung and etc •Competitors who imitate product always exist in market
•Nowadays, people prefer to use e-book because it's more convenient Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats Other companies that manufacture books already owned a large market share
Customers might not really care about saving the environment
Recycled papers don't have much difference than usual papers •Recycling papers and saving trees
•Covers Design can be based on Customers' request HRD Valentinus
Yelsin Financial Plan Financial Analysis Report
Break Even Point
14,01065.. Bulan = 1 tahun 3 bulan
Profit Margin

Return on Investment
((35.687.125-200.000.000))/200.000.0000×100=82,1564% Finished Product Back Side Front Side Product Recycled paper
Hard cover from used textile
3 types of cover Inside Zipper cover Magnet Cover Zipper Cover
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