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Architecture By: Anardo Miller

This is a project for my Social Media class. I am really into Architecture and I wanted to show that here.

Anardo Miller

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Architecture By: Anardo Miller

is life
I chose Architecture because that's what I want to study in college and think it would benefit me to know a little about the topic.
Am I satisfied with my research so far?
Why was I interested in researching Architecture?
Am I Still Interested?
I am still interested in Architecture because my research made me like it even more.
I am satisfied with my research so far because I found a lot of facts about architecture that I didn't know before.
Would I want to continue this research?
By: Anardo Miller


I wouldn't want to continue this research because it's too time-consuming. I get too much homework already.
It's so many Architecture programs that are out these days and it's kind of depressing. I thought I was thinking of something new and innovative, but it seems that so many other people thought of it before me. I wanted to create a system more powerful than a PlayStation 4. That can handle taking the user into a Three-dimensional construction site. In this program you can design every detail of an house. Inside and Out. I got this idea from Mine craft when I used to build gigantic mansions filled with millions of rooms.
If you know anyone that can help me, they can reach me at anardo.miller@gmail.com

My Dream with Architecture

"In 1999, class A office vacancy in the city was at 6.6%, leading developer Willard Rouse to envision a new tower. Cable company Comcast had been looking for possible new headquarters space in anticipation of the end of its lease in Centre Square in 2006. Comcast was looking for more than 400,000 square feet (37,000 m2) of office space and developers were actively courting the company for their developments. Comcast was the only employer in the city with major expansion plans at the time." ~ Wikipedia
I look up to William Rouse for designing this sky-scraper. It's really raised the bar for other architects as it take its place as the tallest  building in Philadelphia and the 15th tallest in the country. I hope that someday I can bring myself to designing something to inspire other architects.

Architecture near me

"Architects are responsible for designing just about every building we use – from skyscrapers and hotels to courtrooms, libraries and parliaments buildings. Professionals in the field made on average from £29,200 to £34.500 in 2008, and from £43,700 to £47,900 in 2009, according to figures from jobs posted on CareerStructure.com." This is about  $73376.67 to $80309.14 in U.S. money.
I've been thinking about this for a while now. I want to know all the little pieces to being an architect before I fully commit to it. I think $73,377 a year is pretty good. How much will it make when I'm in the field though.

Salary of an architect

By: Anardo Miller


I was thinking about this yesterday. What makes Columbia University so good? So I googled it and I found this website: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/columbia-university-2707
I found 3 things that make Columbia University so special.
1. Columbia University is surrounded by sky-scrapers. This is like looking for gold in a gold mine. You have plenty of buildings surrounding you that a person could study.
2.  It also has close student-to-faculty interaction with extensive undergraduate research opportunities.
3. It was founded in 1754 so its deeply rooted to the area.

Best Architectural College in the U.S.

"The enormous numbers of newspaper articles/forum complaints, etc. claiming how architecture as a JOB = no sleep + not truly permitted to be creative + high risk of unemployment + not paid enough for all the hard work"
I'm starting to rethink picking this to major in. I don't want to pick a career that's unstable and could potentially leave me unemployed for long amounts of time. I think living in a city like Philadelphia will lead to many employing opportunities because there is such a big population.

Unemployed Architect?

Was my essential question answered?
My essential question was partially answered but, I couldn't find any actual architects that wrote about their career.
Who does my research affect?
My research affected my own decision of what I will major in, in college. I'm hoping maybe it influenced other students as well.
Is this different from who I thought it would affect?
No it is not different from who I thought it would affect.
Was the research difficult?
The research wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be because architecture is a pretty universal topic.
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