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PYP Basic 8-Day 7

No description

RnD 2 Learning&Co

on 13 October 2017

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Transcript of PYP Basic 8-Day 7

Warm-up Song
Picture the Story
Read the Story
Retell the Story
Wrap-up Song
Show & Tell
Write the Story
Recall the Story
Play the Story
Think & Talk
Interview & Report
1. What instruments did they play?
3. What else did they do while playing?
2. How was the music?
They played the electric guitars, a keyboard, and drums.
It was so exciting.
They sang a song.
What are they doing?
How do they feel?
What is the man doing?
Who do you think he is?
What is the girl doing?
What are they doing?
What are they playing?
How do they feel?
Vocabulary Practice
1. A violin has four strings and one ____________.

2. When the ____________ is played, a cobra rises.

3. The _____________ is too big and heavy to carry.

4. A violin has four ______________.

Vocabulary Practice
1. We had a quiet and _______________ time in nature.

2. Actors perform the play for an ________________.

3. I want to be the ______________ of the orchestra.

4. He _________ded his head.

5. Their team work is in perfect ______________.

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