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No description

Michelle Bianchi

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of WELCOME!!

The Pyramid Model
The Pyramid Model Goal

an environment where EVERY child feels acknowledged, welcomed and loved.
an environment that promotes child engagement.
on teaching children what TO DO!
Teach expectations and routines.
Teach skills that children can use in place of challenging behaviors.
Key Social Emotional Skills
Children Need as They Enter School
You Will Be Trained as a Trainer in the Following Modules:
We Are a Team
Support Beyond the 10 Days of TOT
Weather Cancellations
Networking Lunch at Carondelet

New York State Pyramid Model
Master Cadre Orientation

Capacity to
develop good
Ability to effectively
Ability to listen
and be
Ability to
solve social
Our Goal: Statewide Adoption of the Pyramid Model
And that is where YOU come in!
Infant Toddler Modules 1, 2, 3, 4
Preschool Modules 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 4
Coaching Modules
Parents Interacting with Infants (PIWI)
Positive Solutions for Families

You Are Expected To:
Train 15 days a year for three years
6 hours is considered one day
You choose the modules that
best suit your target community
There is flexibility in the order
that you offer the sessions
Who Will You Be Training?
Supervisors (bring a teacher with them)
Other trainers
Child Care Center Directors
Family Child Care Providers
After school care administrators
Home visiting professionals
Participants at State Conferences
Pyramid Model Evaluation
Point of Contact
Patty Persell
Susan Perkins
Rebekah Widrick
Stephanie Woodard
Michelle Bianchi
Pyramid Model Leadership Team
New York State Pyramid Model
Leadership Team

Coaching calls
Reflection opportunities
Folks at the Professional Development Program (PDP) will decide if there is a need to cancel a session due to hazardous weather conditions.
Data Collection
Personal contacts
Promote children's success by:
We have exactly
hour for lunch
If you choose to buy lunch at the Carodelet, you may network with the State Leadership Team and each other
You may also choose to use your lunch time to discuss logistics with your regional team
10 Days of Train the Trainer
in Latham, New York
Book accomodations for the Carondelet or Hotel through the link sent out via e-mail
Pre-pay for the networking lunches
Mark all 10 days on your calendar
Participant Feedback
Master Cadre
will be expected
to conduct evaluations on
all trainings
Evaluations available:
1) Online via Survey Monkey
2) Paper format

*Links and forms
will be
on the ECAC website
Raw data from
Survey Monkey
will be e-mailed back
to Master Cadre
within 3 days of
Master Cadre
will complete the
Master Cadre Training
Session Debrief
and send it to
Our New York State Pyramid Model
Master Cadre
Mackenzie Albert
Mojisola Bafunso
Marilyn Ballard
Wendy Bender
Ellen Cogan
Deborah Collette-Cromp
Kristi Cusa
Doreen Davis
Aishah Dean
Stephanie Dockweiler
Caroline Doty
Doria Escalante
Colleen Farrell
Margarita Feliz
Bethann Fischer
Deborah Fitzgerald
Michelle Friedel
John Gillies
Sarah Gould-Houde
Joyce Guimaraes
Fia Hill Murray
Mary Iwanenko
Dorthea King-Simpson
Amanda Kronen
Camille Lachar-Lofaro
Ellen Leopold
Lynn Lubecki
Tracy Lyman
Paula Mack
Keshon Mack-Brown
Frederica McLean
Mary Ellen Monafo
Gem Moriah
Lynn Morris
Donna Morrison
Kathy Moss
Ellen Olson
Jasmine Palmer
Sheridan Povemba
Vidya Ragoo-Stark
Martha Rodriguez
Lillian Sanabria-Hernandez
Rosemarie Shufelt
Karin Sperb
Claudia Stedge
Charmaine Swearing
Rachele Vervalin-Pettit
Colleen Wuest
Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) Website
You are covering all parts of the state
You should offer the series at least once a year
For the Pyramid Model
Encourage your
trainees to
use Aspire
Master Cadre
Regional Team
Outreach Areas
For Those Staying at the Carondelet
there is a
daily buffet/
cafeteria for
all 3 meals
You do need
to let Avril
know ahead of
time if you want
to attend
breakfast and/or

10 Days of TOT Schedule
February 9th we will start at 10:00am,
registration starts at 9:30am

All other training days will be 9:00am-5:00pm

Please Call 1-866-394-2346
Participant Code: 3070465989#

Pyramid Model Evaluation
What do we want to know?
How will we measure what we want to know?
Benefits of Evaluation
Please communicate
with those in
your region
Data Collection
Master Cadre Feedback
Competent in Pyramid Model Content
Readiness to train others
Participant Feedback
Competent in Pyramid Model Content
Readiness to train others and
use new skills
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