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Exotic And Invasive Fish.

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tristn mallory

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Exotic And Invasive Fish.

Exotic And Invasive Fish.
Asian Carp Poisoning
They are going to put poison that will kill all the fish. Then we will restore the lake with the native fish. They will spread it all over the US.
Analyze the population patterns for Asian Carp in the United States .
They are around the Mississippi river because that was the river that flooded. But they need humans help to get around the dams.
Amalyze the population patterns for Asain carp in the U.S
They are most in the Mississippi river because they escaped from Arkansas. They need humans help to get across the dams. That's the only thing that is blocking them to move around the world.
Identify what Asian cap habits make them invasive to local environment.
They grow faster than all the other fish in the water. The reproduce very fast and when they do they have a lot of eggs. Their only predator is the flat head catfish.
Determine what impact Asian carp have on the South Dakota ecosystem.
Identify how Asian carp became an invasive species in South Dakota
They got in to the Missouri River. Then they started to eat all the plankton that other fish need. Then all the other fish would die because they depend on plankton.
Identify what determines whether a species becomes invasive.
If they eat other fishes food and cause them to almost go extinct.
Examine the threat that exotic invasive species pose to native fish.
Asian Carp eat all the plankton .So no other fish can eat. Then when those die the predator of those fish will die out. It keeps going on until carp are the only fish left in the water.
They cause all the other fish to die. Some animals depend on fish for food. If they cant get the food then they die.
Compare the growth of Asian Cap with the growth of a Pallid Sturgeon and Paddle Fish.
Asian carp live for 20 years they weigh 60-100 lbs. Asian carp can grow up to 3-5 pounds per year.

Paddle Fish live uo to 40 years they can grow up to weigh 140 lbs. They grow 3.5 pounds per year

Pallid sturgeon live up to 60 years they grow up to weigh 70lbs. They grow 1.17lbs per year.
Calculate (show work on prezi) and example the reproduction rate of Asian carp versus native species over the life time of of each species.
Asian carp live for over 20 years. They reproduce every year beginning at age four. An Asian carp may reproduce up to 16 years. Each year, a single female Asian carp could lay 100,00-3,000,000. In its life time, one female Asian carp could produce 1.6 million-48 million offspring.
Paddle fish live for 40 years. They reproduce every other year at age ten. A paddle fish amy reproduce for up to 15 years. each year a single female paddle fish will lay 17,000 eggs. in its life time, one female paddle fish could produce 255,000 offspring.
Pallid sturgeon live for 60 years they can grow up to weigh 70lbs. They can start to reproduce at age 10 they can reproduce for 50 years. Every other year a single female pallid sturgeon can reproduce 5,000. in a single year a pallid sturgeon could produce 100 offspring.
Determine how the feeding structures of Asian Carp are different from Native Species.
The Asian carp filter feed and can filter up to eight swimming pools. Asian carp have no stomach and they have a pump in them that allows them tok filter that much. Native fish eat regularly they don't have the pumps but they have stomachs.
Determine the type of habitat that is acceptable for Asian Carp.
An Asian carp can live in many different places. They can live in dirty water. They can live in brackish water.
Determine the single most important factor that makes Asian Carp the most invasive
They are eating all the food. So that it will just be asian carp in the rivers. They filter feed that's how they get all of the food
15. Hydrologic Separation Explanation and Feasibility
They are going to make a wall so it will separate the Asian carp from native fish. It will cost a bunch of money to make. It will be done in 25 years.
Prevention of Transfer
They are going to set up a eletrical barrier. It will shock they fish and then they will go away. It is going to cost $200 million.
Eating Asian Carp
if you catch them eat them. There will be chefs that will put them on the menu for there restaurant. They might rename them to because asian carp doesn't seem to appealing.
They will use pheromones to lure them and them trap them. Then they will kill them. iI will affect all asian carp.
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