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Spanish Project

Lydia Pleasants

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Flamenco

The Flamenco Vocab Famous People José Serrano - Dancer Sara Baras - Dancer Paco de Lucia - Guitar Player April Fair Festivle in Sevile http://www.flamenco-world.com/guitar/pacodelucia/pacodelucia.htm http://www.flamenco-world.com/video/videos.htm LOS BAILAORES - DANCERS EL CANTANTE - SINGER EL CANTO - SONG LAS CASTOÑUELAS - CASTONETS LAS PALMAS - HAND CLAPPING EL ZAPETEO - FOOTWORK GITANOS - GYPSIES ANDALUCÍA - PLACE IN SPAIN ARABE - ARABIAN JUDÍA - JEWISH JUNTO - JOINED TOGETHER FACTS -The Flamenco is the dance most associated with Spain
-Influenced by the gypsies of Andalusia, and Arabian and Jewish Cultures.
-Singers and musicians accompany the dancers with guitars and hand clapping to keep the beat
-Castonets are often used by the dancers
-The Seville Fair is held every year, two weeks after Easter. Men and Women wear traditional Flamenco clothing.
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