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John Green

No description

alexis verana

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of John Green

I admire John's truthfulness. In his books, his characters have flaws and aren't perfect. They all have positive and negative traits. I also admire how he uses his popularity. On his vlog channel, vlogbrothers, they've organized a charity called, Project for Awesome. On Decemeber 2013 they raised over $800, 000. In his books John Green tries to tell us that things aren't always what they seem. He tries to open our eyes and see these challenges in a different way, hopefully for the better. John Green shows prudence. Like I've said before he's a role model to youtubers and teenagers. He's not perfect but when making a decision he wants to keep in mind how it will affect others. He also shows justice. Instead of bringing people down with their unique quirks he highlights them and admires them for it.
John Green graduated Kenyon College with a double major in English and Religion. In his teenage years John Green said he was bullied. He also said, that it made his life as a teenager miserable for him. After graduating college, John became a chaplain in a children hospital. Growing up he intended to be an Episcopal priest but then changed his mind. John said that working in a hospital with children suffering life-threatening illnesses inspired him to be an author. Which lead him to writing The Fault in Our Stars.
Vlog Brothers
In 2007, John Green and his brother, Hank Green, started a channel on Youtube called "vlogbrothers". At first it was a just new way of communicating to each other, rather than talking through text, but now has also turned into a new way of interacting with other people around the world. They would each take turns to send the other a video on alternating days. They still continue to send one another videos on their channel but now having more than two million viewers.
Early Life
John Michael Green was born on August 24, 1977. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Mike and Sydney Green. Three weeks after he was born, him and his family moved to Michigan, then to Birmingham, and finally to Orlando, Florida. Three years later his brother, Hank Green, was born.
John Green
John Green has won many awards like the Michael L. Printz Award, Edgar Award, Stonewall Book Award, and many more for his amazingly written novels.
In 2010, the Greens created a convention called, Vidcon. A place where "Team Internet" can gather for one weekend to celebrate their little community.

Hank states, “We wanted to get as much of the online video community together, in one place, in the real world for a weekend. It's a celebration of the community, with performances, concerts, and parties; but it's also a discussion of the explosion in community-based online video.”
John Green is a writer and an innovator. Yes, he didn't go through much in his life, other than getting bullied which we've all pretty much been through. But I think John Green is something special. He writes novels that we can relate to; he listens to our voices that sometimes get lost in a sea full of adults. In his novels he acknowledges everything that makes us teenagers. He shows our intelligence and are vulnerability through characters. John Green is a man that is interested in interesting people. Though he says he's not interesting himself, he sees the quirks in each one of us and puts them into the characters he writes about.
John Green is a role model to all youtubers. He shows that they can make it into the mainstream entertainment business. John Green shows that if you keep at it you can do whatever you want. He went from making youtube videos to making a movie that's won many awards.
In 2006, John married his wife, Sarah Urist. They now have two kids. His son named, Hank Green, and his daughter, Alice Green.
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