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Eng 314 EKKT

English 314 Proposal Presentation

Katie Walquist

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Eng 314 EKKT

Double click anywhere & add an idea Improve Outdoor Lighting on
Iowa State University Campus Save The Planet And Our Students A Beautiful Thing Crime rates have not changed over the past three years. 2006 - 2008
192 There are many students on campus after dark. 388 The Problem Lagomarcino Kildee Is this enough help? 17 Emergency phones are located near:
North side of Molecular Biology
Kooser Drive, North side of Lot 30
Library Storage, NW corner of Lot 120
West side of The Hub
Sidewalk West of Ross Hall/Jischke Honors Building
NW Coner of East Campus Parking Ramp
SE corner of Lot 50
SE of Black Engineering Building
Lot B6, East side of the Ann Campbell Transit Hub
East Stadium Lots
South Stadium Lots/Reiman Gardens
West side Lot 61
East side of Vet Med near Small Animal Clinic Entrance
East side of Lot 93, Vet Med
Lot 79, Ruminant Nutrition Lab
North side of Thielen Student Health Center
Inside Physics Hall near rooms 3 & 5
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