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what are units

No description

Yohanes Kiros

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of what are units

Create a real-life problem and solve it somewhere in
your presentation.

you are at the grocery store there are 2 brands of romanian hearts and for brand 1 is 3.89 per 2 lb and brand 2 is 4.92 per 5 lb which is better
brand 1 :3.89 / 2 =1.94
brand 2 : 4.92 / 5 =0.98

brand 2 is better because when you divide the unit rate is lower than brand 1
How do we divide two fractions?
we make it a recripricle then we multiply
What operation should we think of when we hear the word “per” in a math class?
when we do unit rate or when we are doing units. in which we divide
what are units
Without the "1" It is also common to drop the "1" in front and just talk about the type of measurement as a unit. Example: a commonly used unit of time is the second. We don't say a stopwatch measures "1 seconds", we say it measures "seconds". So "Unit" is a general term that means the type of measurement.
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