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Long Answer Questions Edexcel GCSE PE

Break down of 6 mark question as shown in student book.

Brandon Fletcher

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Long Answer Questions Edexcel GCSE PE

How to tackle the longer question
Dont panic when you first look at the question. Look for the specific things the question is asking you to do. Once you find these it becomes easier!
Longer Answer Questions. 6 marks lost?
1. Check your time
2. Read the question carefully
3. The first part is usually the recall part. Think about the possible answers and choose the most obvious as this will be the easiest to explain.
4. Apply your knowledge. Look out for key words 'explain', 'describe', 'analyse' or 'evaluate'
5. write your answer using the correct terms not slang! Put it into a logical order eg. intro, ordered sentences, paragraphs and of course use examples.
6. Finally check your answers to see that you have included everything that is
and that your grammar makes sense.
Paint a picture in words
Show clearly knowledge and understanding of a topic. Give reasons
Look at the strengths and weaknesses and give an informed opinion
Breakdown a complex topic into simpler parts, exploring patterns and explaining significance.
Dont Waffle - the examiner marks the question in a logical order. Its like a journey and if you make a wrong turn at the beginning the rest of the directions make no sense no matter how many you have.
Show the examiner the right answers, point them out, make it easy to mark
Louise is a good sprinter and long jumper and represents her school in both these events. She is also doing GCSE PE and wants to use her PEP to help improve her performance in both events in order that she can make the qualifying standards for the Nationals Schools Championships.
Analyse both of her events and choose three important skill related fitness requirements that she will need to improve and explain how she applies them in her events. (6 Marks)
1. Check your time
2. Read the question again. What is it asking you to do?
3. Recall your knowledge. There are six different factors of skill related fitness can you name them?
Reaction time
Now choose the three most obvious skill related fitness factors needed for
long jump and 100m sprint
Reaction time
4. Now apply your knowledge. What are the key words in the question?
explain how power is used e.g. during the moment of impact
And now explain reaction time.
How does Louise use speed?
5. Now write your answer using well constructed logical sentences concentrating on your spelling. Remember only the first three terms you name and explain will be marked!
Model Student Answer:
The three most important Skill related fitness factors that Louise requires for her 100m sprint and long jump events are: Reaction time, Power and Speed.
Reaction time: when the starter fires the gun to start the race, Louise has to respond as fast as possible to get a good start and for this she needs a quick reaction time
Power: power is strength x speed, so she needs power to drive/push off the starting blocks in the 100m and the take off board in the long jump.
Speed: she needs speed in the 100m as the point of the event is to get to the finish as fast as possible and in the long jump her speed running up will help her to get a better height and distance.
Any questions? Remember its Friday night!
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