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01.11: Introduction to Photography

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on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of 01.11: Introduction to Photography

01.11: Introduction to Photography
Module One: Photography Assignments

Learning to take great photographs takes practice. Choose one subject and take at least 25 pictures of the subject (an object, a person, an animal, a building, etc.). If you use a film camera, you can take fewer pictures, but if you use a digital camera, try to take at least 25 pictures and even more if possible for practice. Submit three of your favorite photographs from your practice activity:
DIRECTIONS: Take two photographs of the same scene, person, or object using different focal lengths. Include a brief note with your photographs about how the image changed depending on the focal length you chose. Submit 2 photographs.
(On the picture above, I stood at least 2 feet away from my subject. In this picture you could hardly see the detail of the flower.)
DIRECTIONS: Use two different modes on your camera while photographing the same subject. For example, you might take one with a portrait mode and one with an autofocus mode. If your camera only has a manual mode, try taking one out-of-focus picture and one picture that is in focus. Submit 2 photographs.
(The mode I used to take this picture was Sports.)
DIRECTIONS: The amount and quality of the light will influence your photographs. Take several photos of an object in different lighting conditions. Turn in at least three photographs of the object that show different lighting. For example, you might photograph an object in midday sun, in the shade, indoors, under fluorescent lighting, and at dusk. Submit 3 photographs.
(This photo was taken indoors, in the shade.)
These were my top 3 favorite photographs from my practice session.
(In the picture above, I stood about 5 inches away from the flower. In this picture you could clearly see the yellow middle of the flower and you could see that each petal has a pointy area on its edge. The details of the flower are clearly seen by using this focal length.)
(I used the Scenery mode to take this picture)
(This photo was taken under fluorescent lighting.)
(This photo was taken outdoors.)
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