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Hope Construction v0.3

No description

Elisabetta Bruno

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Hope Construction v0.3

Welcome to
Hope Construction Materials

Britain’s leading independent construction materials supplier
Facts & Figures
Who are we?
Product: Cement
Product: Concrete
Product: Aggregates
Sustainability: Health & Safety
Sustainability: Communities
Sustainability: Resources
Sustainability: Energy
Sustainability: Environment
Our vision & values

One of the UK’s leading
aggregates producers

10 quarries / aggregates depots

Limestone, sand, gravel and
recycled aggregates

Recycling & inert landfill for quarry restoration

Award-winning safety campaigns and culture

Health & wellbeing initiatives for all colleagues

Active engagement with
neighbouring communities

Dynamic partnerships with
local organisations

Community volunteer scheme and foundation fund

97% of our raw materials are
sourced in Britain

Industrial by-products are used in our cement

Fully-certified for BES6001 responsible sourcing

Over 50% of our plants use
recycled water

Our kilns use over 30% alternative fuels, reducing landfill and carbon emissions

400-strong truck fleet optimised with telematics

…and one of the best companies to work with, whether you’re a customer, supplier, business partner or other stakeholder

Fully-certified for ISO14001 environmental management

Ready-mixed concrete
Precast concrete
Specialist mortars / adhesives
Infrastructure / utilities
Public sector / commercial
Industrial / agricultural
self-compacting concretes / screeds
rapid early-
strength concrete
lightweight mix for void / trench fill
microsilica concrete
range of lower-carbon mixes
concrete range
fibre-reinforced concrete
…being professional, applying our knowledge and expertise, doing what we say we do, delivering on our promises
…knowing our customers, seeing things from other people’s point of view, creating harmony not conflict, saying thanks for a job well done
0845 5201 888

South East
0845 5201 745

0845 5201 725

0845 5201 755

0845 5201 655

0845 5201 855

South West
0845 5201 855

How to
contact us

…seeing and seizing opportunities, taking the initiative, working with a winning attitude,
getting a rewarding result
…taking ownership to get the job done, doing the right thing for colleagues, communities and for the environment

Find us on:

Housing / domestic / DIY

Britain’s leading independent producer of cement, concrete and aggregates

> Who are we?
> Who are we?
> Who are we?
> Who are we?
> Who are we?
> Who are we?
> Who are we?

Created to offer a fresh approach in a traditional industry

Big enough to compete nationwide… yet agile enough to adapt quickly

Proud of our heritage… and inspired to deliver new innovative ideas

A World Economic Forum Global Growth Company

Award-winning leadership, service and safety performance

One team offering straightforward and sustainable solutions

> Facts & Figures

Founded in January 2013

> Facts & Figures

900 dedicated colleagues

> Facts & Figures

Across England, Scotland and Wales

> Facts & Figures

180 operational plants, depots and offices

> Facts & Figures

£300 million annual sales

> Facts & Figures
Average 15% market share
> Product: Cement

Britain’s only independent
cement manufacturer

> Product: Cement

UK’s biggest cement plant in the heart of the country

> Product: Cement

1.5 million tonnes of cement per year

> Product: Cement

A pioneer of alternatives to fossil fuels

> Product: Cement

Twin kiln system gives unparalleled quality and consistency

> Product: Cement

70% of our cement distributed to local depots by rail

> Product: Concrete

Britain’s leading independent
concrete producer

> Product: Concrete

More than 150 concrete plants nationwide

> Product: Concrete

Over 2.3 million cubic metres per year

> Product: Concrete

Projects of all sizes supplied

> Product: Concrete

Quality assurance backed by national accreditation scheme

> Product: Concrete

Performance concretes offer construction solutions

> Product: Aggregates
> Product: Aggregates

More than 4.5 million tonnes per year

> Product: Aggregates
> Product: Aggregates
> Product: Aggregates
> Product: Aggregates

Industrial and agricultural limestone

> Sustainability: Health & Safety

One of the industry’s safest operators

> Sustainability: Health & Safety
> Sustainability: Health & Safety
> Sustainability: Health & Safety

Fully certified for ISO18001 health & safety

> Sustainability: Communities
> Sustainability: Communities
> Sustainability: Communities
> Sustainability: Resources
> Sustainability: Resources
> Sustainability: Resources
> Sustainability: Resources
> Sustainability: Energy
> Sustainability: Energy

1 million tonnes of cement goes by rail each year

> Sustainability: Energy
> Sustainability: Environment

Wildlife / biodiversity management at our
key quarries

> Sustainability: Environment

More than 65 years operating in the Peak District National Park

> Sustainability: Environment
> Our vision & values
Hope Construction Materials will be a nationally and internationally renowned leader that has transformed the construction materials sector

> Our vision & values

Hope will become recognized as one of the best companies to work for…

> Our vision & values
Concrete & Aggregates
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