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North Carolina!!

No description

M2K Kids

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of North Carolina!!

North Carolina the sweet potato state
About the flag
North Carolina's official flag was adopted in 1885. This red, white, and blue flag has a white star in be tween a N and a C. There are also 2 yellow scrolls bearing dates. The top one is May 20,1775. The lower date is April 12,1776.
North Carolinas Climate.
North Carolinas has a humid, subtropical climate. Winters are usually short and miled while summers are very sultry. Spring and fall are distinct and refreshing periods. Temperatures rarely go above 100 degrees Farenhite and below 10 degreese farinhite. The hottest day is in history is 110 degrees farenhite. That is some about North Carolinas Climate.
About the State!!!
The state's longitude and latitude is 35.5000 degrees north and 80.0000 degrees west. Also the capital is raleigh and the population in north carolina is 9,840,060 people. Magor rivers in North Carolina is the Neuse river, The Roanoke river, and the Yadlin river. The major lakes are Lake Mattamuskeet, Lake Phelps, and Lake Waccamaw. The area of North Carolina is 53,821 square miles. The stat song is The old North Carolina.
Fun facts about North Carolina's history.
In ancient times the eastern half of North Carolina was under water and giant megalodon sharks raomed the waters. After the first American war North Carolina was the 12 state of the union.
More about North Carolina!
The state bird is the cardinal and the state mammal is the gray squirrel. There dog is the Plott hound. There reptile is the eastern box turtle and the State fish is the channel brass. There flower is the flowering dogwood. The state tree is the longleaf pine tree. There State rock is granite and the states favorite preciose stone is an emerald. The state soil is also North Carolina cecil. there colors are red white and blue.. There favorite beverage is milk and the state insect is the honney bee.
Famouse people from North Carolina.
By; Lily Gron!!!!!!
One famouse person from North Carolina is Andrew Jackson. Andrew was the 7 president of the United States. He was born in Waxsaws, North Carolina. Another person is Andy Griffin. He is a famouse actor and starred in many t.v shows like The Andy Griffin Show and Maybak. Andy was born in MT. Airy, North Corolina. Another person is Richords Gatling. He was an inventer.
This is is And Griffen
The 1500!!!
Approximately 30 native American tribes are scattered across North Carolina. The tribes are Cherokee, Catawba, Tuscarora, and the Croatans. They also built The Town Creek Indian Mound.
Giovanni de Varrazanno is the first European to visit North Carolina.
North Carolina becomes a separate colony.
Sir Walter Raleigh comes back and all the colonists are gone.
Queen Elizabeth 1 of England granted Sir Walter Raleigh to search and discover Roanoke, North Carolina.
John White becomes governor and Sir Walter Raleigh leaves Roanoke.
Fun Places to go
You could visit the North Carolina Zoo which is the largest zoo in the U.S. You could also go gem mining and visit farms. There is also the road to now where and the underground rail road.
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