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National Media Industries:

No description

Mariela Ramos-Oquendo

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of National Media Industries:

National Media Industries:

History: Republic of Singapore "Pulau Ujong" "Lion City"
sovereign city-state
Parliamentary Republic
People's Action Party (since 1959)
1963 - Federation of Malaysia
1965 - Republic of Singapore
Lee Kuan Yew

"electoral autocracy" = elections without democracy (Larry Diamond, 2002)
ranked 135 in press freedom index by Reporters Without Borders (2011-2012)
Singapore Media Landscape
Singapore Press Holdings
19 titles licensed under the Newspaper Printing and Presses Act
4 languages
over 3 million daily readers
announced 25% profit decrease in 2013
second most-read newspaper
"compact" format
13 local radio stations
largest radio network in Singapore
Mediacorp: only terrestrial TV broadcaster
7 channels
SPH holds 20% interest
Channel 8 - Most popular terrestrial channel
over 40 shows - drama, variety, news/information, children
24 hour broadcast
Channel 5 - second-most viewed
foreign programming
local adaptations of popular shows
Cable Television
Provided by mainly one company since 1995
Mio TV - entered market in 2007
"Programmes should not undermine public security interests or public confidence in the law and its enforcement in Singapore."
"Programmes should not contain extremist or anarchic messages, such as advocating or promoting the use of violence for political ends or other purposes."
Singapore: "Major" destination
Contemporary artists
Olivia Ong
Taufik Batisah
The Professionals
MDA funding to encourage production
It's a Great Great World - 2011
23:59 - 2011
Ilo Ilo - 2013 (currently showing)
New media
75% Internet penetration (ranked 30th in the world)
household broadband penetration at 94.3 % in 2009 (Nielsen)
over 100% mobile phone penetration; 11th in media consumption
medium for protest
Marlene Ee - Communications and Public Relations, Universal Networks International
Joan Leong - Vice President Production, activeTV Asia
Dr. Sun Sun Lim - Associate Professor & Deputy Head,
Department of Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore
By Mariela Ramos-Oquendo
Box Office
is a huge part of the Singapore culture as well and
unscripted competition cooking
shows like Top Chef... Strangely enough,
reality game shows
don't need you to think at all
or to follow a plot, happen to be the most alluring on prime time television."
is a considerable factor. All networks have to
screen content
to clear with local authorities before broadcast. As a regional network, we have to consider the nuances and meet the conditions of the entire region."
"The audience is more interested in
easily digestible
content. Local
are a big hit, followed by
variety shows
. Production
aren't too fancy and are low key."
"The industry is headed towards shows that will complement the
digital realm
, with
crossover interactivity
. Heavily
ad funded shows
are here to stay too."
Formed in 2003
co-regulation (TV & radio) - content codes and guidelines
Board of Film Censors (BFC) - film, video, & video games classification
$10 billion
Stefanie Sun
Tanya Chua
high government presence & intervention
highly productive and efficient
MDA's Subscription Television Programme Code states that:
Cherian George - academic, writer
I 'm in charge
Gonna make it
Mata Mata
First XI
Sing a nation
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