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Enviormental Superhero- Oil Pollution in Venezuela

No description

Bella Aranda

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Enviormental Superhero- Oil Pollution in Venezuela

Environmental Concerns Superhero- Ecologito Oil Pollution in Venzuela Oil is one of Venezuela's largest exports, but all good things come with a price. There have been lots of oil pollution and oil spills spreading through the Caribbean coast in Venezuela caused by tanker leak damage and careless people letting oil wash into water sources and the sewage. Some pollution has been seen in Lake Maracaibo which makes a big affect to the people living near who have been suffering by severe flooding. Not only is it affecting the people but the environment has become frail. in Venezuela Did you know-Venezuela gives Cuba a "discount" for its oil? Spill This is Ecologito which means little ecological in spanish, since his one purpose is to stop all oil pollution in Venezuela. He is a tiny little guy with no arms but an enormous elastic stomach, allowing him to use his superpower. Ecologito is able to gulp down anything similar to a snake. The Superhero Ecologito is able to gulp down all the nasty oil out of floods and oil spills, and spit out fresh, clean, usable water which is healthy for the environment, animals, and for humans. Whenever there is a oil spill, or even when oil gets washed up into a water source Ecologito is there to help! How Will This Superhero Help? By Bella Aranda Oil So Oil Pollution Ecologito
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