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Andrew Jackson

No description

Anais Servis

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson
"Old Hickory"

Born March 15, 1767.
Waxhaws area (between North and South Carolina)
Born to Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson.
Father died soon after Andrew's birth.
They emigrated from Ireland a couple years before Andrew's birth.
Andrew was Scottish-Irish.
They were Presbyterians.
Education & Work
Studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
He studied law there
He graduated from this same University.
After graduating he became a lawyer.
Andrew Jackson was a Democrat.
He was for "the common man."
He ran in 1824 but lost to John Quincy Adams.
He ran again in 1828 and beat Adams for the presidency.
He served from 1828-1836. (2 terms)
John C. Calhoun (1828-32) and Martin Van Buren (1832-36) were his Vice Presidents.
His Secretaries of State were Martin Van Buren (1829-31), Edward Livingston (1831-33), Louis McLane (1833-34), and John Forsyth (1834-36.)
After his presidency, he provided Van Buren with help and advice.
Fun Facts
Andrew Jackson married Rachel Donelson.
She was born in Halifax County, VA.
They did not have any children. However, they had two adopted sons- Lyncoya and Andrew Jr.
Died of Tuberculosis on June 8, 1845.
His wife's ex-husband showed up right when he was getting elected and accused her of polygamy.
He had a bullet in his chest throughout presidency and killed a man in a duel while in office.
His inauguration party happened on the White House front lawn.
Buried in The Hermitage in Nashville, TN.
Important Events
The Indian Removal Act
Veto the Maysville Road Bill
Reshuffling his cabinet
Eliminated the Second Bank
Nullification Proclamation
"Peggy Eaton Affair"
Terminates national debt
Texas declares independence
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