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Brian's Hunt

No description

Beth Gordon

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Brian's Hunt

Brian's Hunt
Exposition- Brian goes back to the northern wilderness to see his friend David. David said his cabin was next to a lake shaped like an arrowhead.
On the other hand Susan is not very brave she usually gets scared. She also isn't very adventurous, she usually stays at home like a normal teenage girl would.
Does Brian find the bear, or does the bear find Brian? To find out read Brian's hunt to find out.
Prezi By:Logan Weedman
If you actually knew Brian you know he is adventurous, independent, brave, and skillful.
Susan and Brian
Brian likes to work on his own so he doesn't have to care for others.
Brian is braver than usual people.
Susan is a scaredy-cat.
Susan would to work with other people.
They were both stranded.
Brian is a teenager.
Susan is a mother.
They were both helpful when things needed to be done.
Written by:Gary Paulsen
The end
Rising action- When Brian got to the lake he neither saw nor smelt smoke from their usual fire.
CLIMAX-Brian gets out of his canoe when he notices deep prints in the wet sand. He gets closer and figures out they're bear prints, but right next to them are boot tracks. Leading right to the doorway. DUH! DUH! DUH!
Falling action- He goes inside only to find a ransacked cabin with a bad smell. He was looking around for David when he found him but not in the way he hoped. He was dead! After he saw the dead body he went outside and noticed something floating in the lake. He got closer and realised somone was in it. The girls name was Susan, David's daughter. She got this little walkie- talkie and called for help. When help got there they took Susan, but before she left she told Brian to kill the bear. She said that it was a devil bear and that it hunted to kill instead of hunting to survive.
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