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Measurement Technologies Presentation

No description

Dustin Harr

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Measurement Technologies Presentation

Why New Technologies? Trimble MX8
Mobile Spatial Imaging System Integrated Imaging and Laser Scanning
Easily redeployed and installed
Scalable system configurations
Sensor upgrade options System specifications Imaging
15 megapixel 142x44 panorama; fore, aft, or both
5 megapixel 52x44 surface; aft downward
1 panorama and 1 surface standard, other optional
Laser Scanning
Butterfly configuration
600,000 points per second maximum from 2X 360 scanners
Accuracy: 10 mm
Precision: 5 mm
Range @50 kHz:180m 10%,500m 80% @300 kHz:75m 10%,200m 80%
Applanix POS LV GNSS+Inertial
200 Hz orientation data Detailed Laser Scanner data with Imagery superimposed and Information extracted DTM / TIN Assets Edges Gatewing 100 UAV Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station Trimble R8GNSS GPS Trimble TSC3 Controller Trimble GEO XR GPS Faro Focus 3D Laser Scanner Trimble MX8 Mobile Scanning/Imaging System Much faster and comprehensive data
collection and documentation Dustin Harr -Frontier Precision Inc. Trimble TIMMS How we use GPS today, VS how it worked 10+ years ago What SV's are used/Available currently?
What is the future of GPS or VRS? GPS Systems/GNSS Systems
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