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Financial Business Plan Opt. 1

No description

Rylee Perry

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Financial Business Plan Opt. 1

Printing For You
We have chosen to get our $35,000 loan from Zions Bank
We are a fresh, new face in the market
Unique in our bulk pricing
Managers have superior schooling
Build off each other's assets
Shared management
Printing for You
Printing for You is an independent printing shop newly opened in Orem, Utah. The business will be known for bulk orders at reduced prices. Printing for You accommodates to local needs of both older and younger residents of the area. (i.e. sports teams, clubs, universities)
Founders Brooke Perry, Mariah Pace, Rylee Perry
Location and Goals
University Parkway, Orem
Next to University Mall
Accessable to BYU and UVU students
Opening Goals
Establish company credit card account
Advertise on campuses
Obtain loan of 35,000
6 Months
Host opening event
18 Months
Begin rewards system
Sponsor local teams or fields
36 Months
Loan paid in full
Higher staff with growth of company
Management Positions

Storefront Manager
Warehouse Manager
Marketing and Consumer Specialist
First business venture
Competing with campus stores
Customer Loyalty
Campus Stores
Printing Stores
Clothing Warehouses
Operations and Management
Our store stock includes shirts, bags, pants, cups, and many more usable everyday items. All of our items come in white, grey, and many colors, and each item also has a men's and women's line.
Rewards system
Bi-monthly magazine including coupons
Place orders
Come to store
Printing and Design
Buy plain colored items
Choose a design and print
Personally Printed
Design your own item
We will print your original design
Local Colleges
BYU, UVU, U of U, and USU
Target Market
Revolving target markets
Community outreach
Local colleges, and High Schools
Daily Operational Details
Company Governments
Printing for You is a registered limited liability company. It is equally headed by three co-founders: Brooke Perry, Mariah Pace, and Rylee Perry. Each of these three co-founders is over their own area of expertise in order to keep business running smoothly.
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