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Simple Machines

No description

Jillian Armstead

on 20 June 2015

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Transcript of Simple Machines

Simple Machines
Real Life Applicable
Supports and Connections
As students complete learning experiences 2 and 3 they will learn about how simple machines helped to create a specialization of labor and capital resources. Students will also learn about simple machines that have been discovered as artifacts by archeologists. This supports the social studies content through exploring economic growth and the use of artifacts to determine the history of a culture.

Also through the completion of learning experiences 2 and 3 students will complete research and writing assignments. The research and writing assignments support ELA content through the reading and interpretation of factual text. Students will write informative texts and convey the information and their ideas clearly.
Skills, Standards, Frameworks
Essential Questions
Social Studies & ELA
How were simple machines used in different ancient civilizations?
How did simple machines lead to the inventions and discoveries of more modern machines?
What are examples of different simple machines that I see in my everyday life?
Learning Experience 1
After looking at photos of different things from present everyday life, students will categorize images into the classes of simple machines. They will provide verbal and written justification for their classification of the photos.
Learning Experience 2
Students will research how simple machines were used in ancient empires. They will fill in a chart and write three paragraphs describing how the simple machines were used as tools and how the simple machines helped advance that culture.
Learning Experience 3
Students will use the information they collected from previous research to recreate a scenario that would have occurred in the ancient culture. Students will report on how difficult or easy the task was to complete using a simple machine.
Physical Science
PS.6.5.1 Classify simple machines
PS.6.5.2 Conduct investigations using
inclined-planes, ramps, wedges, and screws
wheels and axles
Social Studies:
E.5.6.1 Analyze ways division of labor and specialization affected development of civilizations
Analyze ways human, natural, and capital resources were organized to produce and deliver goods and services in early civilizations to 1500 C.E.
W.5.2 Write informative/ explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly
W.5.9 Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, relfection,
This unit will explore simple machines of the past and today. Students will research, write about, and recreate uses for simple machines in the past. They will use this information to relate simple machines to the discovery and invention of more modern machines.
The science and social studies standards are from the Curriculum Frameworks of the Arkansas State Board of Education. The English/Language Arts (ELA) standards are from the Common Core State Standards.
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