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The characteristics of Redwall by Brian Jacques

Alexander Nguyen

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of Redwall

RedWall Characters Mathhias - witty mouse, member of Council of CLoven Elders, Redwall guard Constance - wise and obedient badger, advisor of abbot and part of Council of Cloven Elders Mortimer - mouse abbot at Redwall Abbey and friend of Matthias and Constance Cluny the Scourge - enormous, black rat. Once involved with sea-faring and wants to take over Redwall. Settings Cavernhole - a pub a couple miles away from Redwall Abbey, the Redwall mice stop by sometimes to relax, always crowded. During the war, it served as a medical facility. Redwall - red-walled castle (no seriously...), home of the Cloven Elders, an expansive fortress where feasts are held during important ceremonies. Summary/ Main Idea Cluny came and a war broke out between the Redwall inhabitants and Cluny's army. After Matthias killed Cluny and saved Redwall, he became a member of the Cloven Elders. Matthias becomes a Redwall guard after he proved himself in finishing missions. By: Austin Nguyen
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