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Mozambique Engagement Visit 2015

Six members of MFC visit Mozambique

Karen Bearman

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Mozambique Engagement Visit 2015

Basic Education
Basic Education
• Real purpose = getting children in school
• Literacy Boost programme
– quality of education
– holistic view
• Remote location
• Ensuring children’s complete their basic education
• Remember this day forever – stark reality

Early Childhood Care and Development
• Aim of the programme: Teaching people the importance of developing cognitive skills whilst children are young.
• Location: The Mangane community.
• School was built 4 months ago by Save the Children, with help from the community.
• 99 students in total ages between 3-5 years (45 boys, 54 girls).
Mozambique Engagement Visit 2015
Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD)
APE programme
The Group

Beth Woolf (Bev)
Internal Communications & Engagement Coordinator
Jersey Girl
Jonathan Duke (J'wow)
Regional Fundraising Manager
Loves football and a wind up
Mike Butler (hee hee)
Digital Marketing Executive
"I can't find my comb!"
Rosie Parkin (Rosa)
Digital Analyst
Makes a bumbag look good
APEs (Community Health Workers)
Jade van Drie-Brown (Jader)
Supporters and Communities Senior Support
Can't click her fingers (with any amount of coaching)
Karen Bearman (Carol)
Senior Manager, Special Events
Forgot to take any photos of herself
1978 the Ministry of Health (MoH) trained a cadre of Community Health Workers (CHWs), or Agentes Polivalentes Elementares (APEs); however, largely abandoned due to civil war, which ended in 1992.
While decreasing, the child mortality rate for under 5s is still high at 87 per 1,000 live-births.
62% of the population report problems with access to basic health services, particularly problematic in rural areas.
In March 2010, the MoH approved the revitalization of the programme, with a goal to train and deploy approximately 5,000 new CHWs over the course of five years.
Focus on malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea for children 2 to 59 months - the three biggest causes of child death for this age group.
Also classify and treat other illnesses, administer first aid, and classify and refer cases of malnutrition.
Save the Children currently supports 1100 APEs in 4 provinces.

Trained by Save the Children in 2012
Sees 50-60 people a day
Cycling life-saver
The Antonio Family
29 months old
Trained by Save the Children in 2012
Covers 55km radius and 16,000 people
Incredible balance
“The programme saves lives,
you can’t put a price on that”
• Nizai Community in the Nacala A Velha region
• Made up of 570 families
• Focus on Basic Education, Early Childhood Care and Development, School Health and Nutrition, Adolescent Development
• Sponsorship programme funded by Save US
Current classroom
New school buildings, a water store and latrines built
Before and after
New latrines
Over a third of child deaths in Mozambique are linked to Malnutrition.
40% of children under the age of 5 in Mozambique are stunted.
Once a child reaches 5 years old the stunting is irreversible.
The biggest damage is done in the first 1000 days of an infants life.
The Nutrition programme works with pregnant mothers and infants up to 2 years old.

3 boys from the Nizai Community whose stunting is now unfortunately irreversible
First child in this community to be measured, coming in at a healthy 73 cms
Infants are weighed and measured on a monthly basis by the Community nutrition volunteers
Nutrition Advocacy Coordinator explaining to the Community the importance of the Micro Nutrient Power
The first infant in the community to try the Micro Nutrient Power Porridge
YUMMY! She loves the Micro Nutrient Porridge......
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