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Corey Trowbridge

on 2 March 2013

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Violence Training
*Things you need to know* Reasons Why I Picked This Career Overview the entire company/business
Responsible for the outcomes of daily task
make both long- and short-range plans to achieve these goals
relationships with people outside the organization have to solve eveyday problems
create goals/plans for the company and make sure they are executed
And the most important thing is to communicate Best Schools Job Description Duties and Requirements Harvard University #1
Stanford University #2
Northwestern University #3
University of Pennsylvania #4
Massachusetts Institute of Technology #5 (M.I.T) have a high school diploma or GED;
complete a bachelor's degree;
have work experience as a manager;
be self-confident and persuasive;
be able to direct and motivate
have strong communication skills; and be decisive and determined. Average Salary/Wage Average Salary/Wage Average Salary/Wage Average
Salary/Wage tungjatjeta
(Albanian) hoi
(Dutch) Guten Tag
(German) aloha
(Hawaiian) góðan dag
(Icelandic) huthegelluthego
(Jibberish) hola
(Spanish) jambo
(Swahili) sholem aleikhem
(Yiddish) Wages (Georgia
U.S) Georgia Hourly $47.95 $70.98 (1)
Yearly $99,740 $147,630 (1) Atlanta Hourly $53.26 $77.56 (1)
Yearly $110,780 $161,320 (1) Gainesville Hourly $35.74 $59.80 (1)
Yearly $74,330 $124,370 (1) United States Hourly $49.08 $76.23 (1)
Yearly $102,080 $158,560 (1) I have chosen this career because it has been my career aspiration.
The problem solving, the relationships and people you make on your
way to the top of the business. The power, respect and recongnition that business owners these days receive......those are what motivate and excite me. I love to one day establish myself as a powerhouse, monopoly making business executive. I want people to look up to me for help and information
on how to be better and in return I want to impact their life.
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