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SST Exercises for the Defensive Back in Football

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Dustin Perry

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of SST Exercises for the Defensive Back in Football

Special Strength Training Exercises for The Defensive Back in American Football
The essence of sports activity lies in the movements of the human body. -Siff & Verkhoshansky
Special Strength Training means using specialized resistance exercises to improve the athlete's competition performance in his or her sports discipline
Motor Pattern - Sequence of movement arranged in space & time
Determining Factors in Increasing the Power Output of the Competition Exercise
1. Biomechnical Perspective
2. Physiological Perspective
3. Bioenergetics Perspective
Biomechanical Perspective
Physiological Perspective
Bioenergetics Perspective
Special Strength Training Role in the Training Process
1. Enhance the Main Components of the Training Process
2. Increase Specific Motor Potential
3. Improve the Athlete's Skill to Rationally use Specific Motor Potential
Main Components of the Training Process
Increasing the Motor Potential
Kinematic Structure
Three Levels of Movement Complexity
1. Single Joint - kinematic pair
2. Mulit-Joint - kinematic chain
3. Conjugate Sequence - kinematic system
Improving the Athlete's Skill to Rationally use Motor Potential
Competition Components:
1. Active driving forces produced by muscular contraction
2. Gravity forces
3. Reactive forces arising from active forces and external environment
4. Force of the body or inertia
5. Force stored in the muscle complex as elastic energy
How Can the Biodynamic Structure be Improved?
Biodynamic Structure -
1. Identify the Key movements

2. Increase their working effect

3. Improve the efficiency of interaction
Identifying the Key Movements
Three Common Groups of Key Movements:
1. Displacements of the body mass during .......
2. Displacement of the active body limbs during.....
3. Synchronized displacement of the body mass and active body limbs during.....
Tasks of Special Strength Training Exercises
Basic Strength Capabilities
Maximal Strength -
Explosive Strength -
Reactive Strength -
High Speed Strength -
Strength Endurance -
Local Muscular Endurance
Strength Capabilities Related to the Regime of Muscular Contraction
Rules of Applying Special Strength Training Means in the Training Process
1. To obtain the necessary training effects, the athlete must clearly understand the motor task which is to be achieved through the execution of the exercise
Rules of Applying Special Strength Training Means in the Training Process
2. Maintain Scheduled Length of Rest Intervals using Active Rest
Rules of Applying Special Strength Training Means in the Training Process
3. In a training session, never use SST means as additional supplements to other training means, but integrate them in a specific training unit with specific task
Rules of Applying Special Strength Training Means in the Training Process
4. SST means having a high training potential must be gradually introduced into the training process after the training means having a lower training potential
Rules of Applying Special Strength Training Means in the Training Process
5. Increase the Specificity of SST means gradually as level of mastery and qualification improve
1. Correspondence of the training means to the motor structure of the CE
2. Correspondence to the specific character of the power output in the CE
Guidelines for Planning SST Exercises
1. Define the main goal of SST exercise
2. Select the appropriate means & methods
3. Analyze the Competition Calendar
4. Organize & progress the SST means
5. Calculate the total work volume based on previous work
Bioenergetics for Football
Average Plays per game - 75
Average series per game - 15
Average plays per series - 5
Average time per play - 4.8
Average time per play special teams - 7.6
Average Rest time between plays (no time outs) - 34.5 seconds
Average time between offensive and defensive series - 6-7 minutes
- Buddy Morris, American Football PP Manual
Biodynamics for Safety
Local Resisted Exercise Examples For Sprinting
Knee Drive
Calf Raises
Local Resisted Exercises Defensive Back Breaks
Hip Abd/ADD
Directional Lunge
Explosive Multi-Directional Breaks
Global Exercises for Defensive Back Breaks
Pre-Programmed Straight Break
Pre-Programmed Flat Break
Reactive Breaks with Coach
Pre-Programmed Corner Break with WR
Reactive Breaks with WR
Final Thoughts
1. What are the key movements of the competition exercise?
2. What are the strength capabilities that need developing to improve the working effect of these movements?
3. Use the Part-Whole Method of Teaching for Skill Acquisition
Resisted Bicycle Break
Resisted 45 Break
Assisted Bicycle Break
Assisted 45 Break
*10% Body Weight
-Position movements with Weighted Limbs
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