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Of Sadness and Joy in Colonial Mexico

No description

Anthony Taylor

on 17 February 2018

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Transcript of Of Sadness and Joy in Colonial Mexico

Of Sadness and Joy in Colonial Mexico
from 'Emotions and Daily Life in Colonial Mexico'
edited by Javier Villa-Flores and Sonya Lipsett-Rivera

Emotional Communities
Settings with certain standards of acceptable emotions
Main Argument
A dignified experience
A part of everyday life

Main Argument

Much less common than its counterpart
Speech to Noble Daughters (Continued)
"...there is no pleasure that is not joined with much pain, and there is no relief that is not joined with sorrow..."
Class Context
Religion being forced on Natives, how did this affect their lives?
Modern Conceptions of Emotion
Secondary Source
Excerpts from Florentine Codex,
Dossiers from the Holy office of the Inquisition,
Doctor's Notes

Thesis Statement
Throughout most of the colonial period, the most influential 'emotional community' in the colony was the catholic church.
Mater Dolorosa
Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
New emotional standards
New rules about expression
New rules about attaining happiness
Example: Football Games
Acceptable Emotions
Unacceptable Emotions
Sadness (except after a loss)
Speech to Noble Daughters
Florentine Codex
"in this world there is no true pleasure, no true rest..."
"Listen carefully, my child. The earth is not a good place."
How is sadness seen today?
Sadness is looked down on
What is the difference between melancholia and depression?
Depression - a medical condition
Is happiness supposedly easy to achieve?
Happiness is a goal that all people strive for at most times.
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