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Is It All About Content?

Multilingual. Visual Design, Photo Editing & Content Strategy. Print & Web Projects.

anna nicoli

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Is It All About Content?

copyright amb
copyright amb
copyright amb
Is it all about CONTENT
No, not only.
It's about
Visual Design, User Experience
Content Strategy, Project Management, and Cultural Insights.

For Print and Digital Channels.
Web Project
& Templates
Guidelines about how to produce the eCommerce website product images (fashion)
Content writing and editing, image sourcing and editing, document formatting
Layouts, image sourcing and editing, document formatting,
printing process
Content Strategy
Branding, Content Audits (quantitative and qualitative),
Topic and Site Map,
Page Types
Customer insights, Personas creation
Social Media strategy
Project plan, brand update, content strategy, visual design, image sourcing. Coordinate content writers, web developers, and testers.

Website content maintenance.
Prototypes, Mockups, Wireframes,
User Experience, Image sourcing and editing
UI/UX Design
What else?
... on Virtual Galleries
and Internet Art
You tell me a story and
I manage content and design according to the business strategy and the audience.
In other words:
Why me?

Because I have a 10-year experience in creating visual design and editing for the Publishing, Technical and Retail sector.
Because I have coordinated print and digital editorial, visual and cultural projects in Europe, Far-East Asia, US, and West Africa.
Because I am passionate about stories.
getting in touch
Thank you for your attention :-)
Click on bottom-right for a full-screen view. Then click to start.
Thank you for your attention :-)
...people and places.
Content Optimization, Visual Design and Image sourcing
Reports, Marketing Collateral, Presentations, Newsletters, Magazines
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